chapter 40

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Rosie pov:-

I woke up with a start, my breathe came short, I rubbed my chest, feeling it burn due to lack of oxygen. The angry hatered filled eyes of that woman flashed before me, the whole scene replayed in my mind repeatedly. The Happy family, their conversation, the sudden arrows most importantly her last words, replayed right in front of me. My blood ran cold thinking of the promise she made

Scared I looked around and noticed that I was in my chamber. I panicked when I realized that I was alone in the chamber, fear was the only thing I felt. Scared of being alone, I jumped of the bed and ran towards the door. I opened the door in haste and ran outside. The guards who stood against the door, looked at me bewildered by my sudden outburst.

Without giving them any heed, I ran in the hallway towards the throne room, I know Edward would be there and right now I just need him. I need his arms around me and his soothing words in my ears. I turned left and dashed towards the main hall. Tears as usual flowed from my eyes.

I stopped when I reached the throne room, I pushed open the door and ran inside. The loud voices in the room stopped once they saw me running inside. Edward stood up abruptly and descended the stairs in a minute. Locking my eyes with his, I ran straight into him. He stumbled back before regaining his foot.

"Rose...", He called out my name, it was barely a whisper but I heard it. I wrapped my hands around his torso and buried my face in chest, his arms closed around me. I hugged him tightly, scared, terrified.

"Edward...", I breathed his name in desperation, his arms tightened around me, he buried his face in my neck. We both stood there, right in center of the throne room, hugging each other like our whole lives depended on each other, but it was true our lives depended on each other.

"Are you okay, rose", he pulled away from our hug and checked my body for any sort of hurt. I just nodded for his answer, he pulled me back in his arms.

" Glad you are awake, luna, you had us all worried", a new voice said from behind Edward, I saw it was beta James. He came near us bowed at me. I wiped my tears and nodded back at him.

"Edward, I need to talk with you about something important", I turned towards Edward, he gave me a nod and turned towards beta James. He explained some things to him and excused us from the throne room.

I held his hand in mine and dragged him towards our chamber. After entering our chamber, Edward locked the door and stood before me.

"Rose", He breathed my name, he held my face in his both hands, he looked down at me, worried,scared.

"You were unconscious for almost two weeks, I was worried for you and our baby", he said as he palmed my baby bump. I was shocked hearing him, I was gone for two weeks but for me it felt like couple of hours.

"I had a dream Edward, I don't know if its dream or vision, and I don't understand what it was also", I started , my voice cracking as I explained him about the whole dream, my tears didn't stop till the end of the story. Edward listened to me attentively, without interrupting me in-between. He just wiped my tears and hugged me tightly to him.

"Do you think that this is related to the witches and this upcoming war", he asked me after sometime of silence.

"I don't know Edward, I'm just confused why I had this vision. Do you think I'm somehow related to this?", I asked him as I turned around and walked towards the window. I heard Edward sigh behind me before I felt his arms wrap around my stomach.

"Even I don't know, rose, but I know one thing, that I will not let anyone to harm you or our baby. That's a promise my love", he said his voice hard and determined, even without him saying I know he will not let anyone harm me in anyway. He turned me around and kissed me slowly and passionately. Pulling me into the dream world where none of these problems existed. But he pulled away too soon.

"Can you describe the place where you saw the manor and how the family looked", I nodded.

"Good", he said before turning around and opened the door.

"Summon the painter", he ordered the guards, and walked towards me. He pulled me in his arms once again. We waited for the artist to come in comfortable silence. I looked at Edward who looked like he was in different world.

Soon the painter arrived with beta james and some of the council members, Edward nodded at me to start and went towards the council members to explain what was happening. I first described the manor and then the small girl and then man and finally the woman.

It took hour's to finally finish and I was exhausted by that time. I turned towards the window to see it was already night. I noticed that all the council members were already gone, except beta james and Edward. I turned towards Edward who was already watching me. I gave him a nod, that said it was over.

He stood up from the chair he was sitting and walked towards me, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me towards him. Beta James also stood and went towards the painter, he received the papers and dismissed the painter. Beta james examined the papers. He frowned at paper before looking at us.

"I know this manor, it is in the end of the forest, I found this when we were searching for luna, when she went missing. It was completely broken and burnt", he explained handing over the papers to Edward. He examined the papers and nodded back at beta james.

"I want you to take a team and search that place, bring anything that looks important and make the painter to copy these and send it to all the alphas and ask them to show to everyone so that someone could identify them and send some copies to human kingdom also ", he ordered beta James, james nodded and dismissed himself.

Edward removed his hand around me and walked towards the window. He looked tensed and worried about something. I walked towards him and place my hand on his shoulder gently.


"Hmmm", he answered without turning towards me.

"Are you okay?", He looked hesitantly towards me before turning back and took a deep breath.

"Its just something about that woman that looks similar to me, like someone I know", he answered.

"Like whom?", he looked hesitant before answering.

"Like Meredith"


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