Seth is on his bed eating his Alfredo while mindlessly flipping through Netflix on the tv. Wow, I don't know if I can get used to this Seth. He glances over at me and I literally go weak in the knee's, my heart jumps into my throat and I'm practically sweating. I take a seat beside him and start stuffing my face. Food makes everything better.

Seth finds a Netflix original movie and we watch it in silence as we eat. I have no idea what's going on in the movie because I can't keep my eyes off of him. Was his jaw that sharp before or was his shaggy hair just blocking the view? His lips are perfectly proportioned too, how did I not notice that? Is Dawson the reason why I'm paying too much attention because he got into my head? Dear lord my brain is about to explode. When Seth looks at me his dirty blonde eyelashes are so long they almost brush his eyebrows. Oh crap he caught me staring. Quick think of something.

"I'm need tired." What the—?

Ryan you can't even form a freaking sentence now, seriously?

Jesus help me.

I immediately face palm. "I was going to say, I'm tired or I need sleep but they just came out together."

Seth chuckles. "Babe it's fine, you don't have to act all awkward after telling me I looked hot. I call you hot all the time."

My face flames at his words. How did he know that was the issue at hand?

Probably because you practically ran to the en suite after blurting those words out and you've been acting like a weirdo ever since?

I sigh. "I'm sorry. Kelis and Dawson have been saying some things and then me saying that pretty much fried my brain."

Seth's eyebrows scrunch together in confusion. "Kelis and Dawson were saying things about what?"

"Well they're both convinced you like me more than just a friend and Kelis thinks I'm messing with your head by sleeping in your bed with you." I shrug.

They have both lost their minds obviously.

Seth chuckles lightly. "If you can't tell I like you more than a friend I must not be coming on as strong as I thought."

My jaw drops at his words. Um what? I didn't expect him to say that, I thought he would agree with me and we would have a little laugh over their nonsense. I mean I know he flirts a lot but I thought that was just his type of playful banter, he is a player after all.

"I-I thought you were just messing around." I whisper.

He shakes his head. "I really like you Ryan, a lot. A helluva lot more than I've ever liked anyone. I do understand that you aren't leading me on though."

I don't even know what to say. Why did I have to make things awkward by calling him hot and then make things even more awkward by bringing this up?

Seth pats my leg, pulling me from my jumbled thoughts. "I'm gonna go brush my teeth."

While he's in the en suite I quickly swap my leggings for sleep shorts and slip my bra off. After he's done I brush my own teeth and then get in the bed beside him. The tv is the only thing lighting the room with the movie still playing. I look over at him, not sure if I should say anything or just leave it be. He looks so handsome, the dim lighting making the contours of his face stand out even more.

Seth pulls me in close, taking his fingers and pushing my hair off my face, giving me a smile. He really does have a nice mouth. My heart is hammering in my chest like a drum in the marching band on game day. Out of all the nights I've stayed with him so far I've never felt like this, so nervous.

My stomach is full of butterflies, well I'd say more like bats from the size of the flutters going on down there.

Without a second thought my hand reaches up and runs through his hair. It looks so good, it almost makes him look like a different person. Like he went from a teenage boy to a grown man. I scoot forward my other hand presses against his bare chest and I can feel his heart hammering hard against it.

We're so close now I can smell the mint tooth paste on his breath as I'm sure he can on mine. In the blink of an eye Seth closes the distance and his lips press against mine. Holy mother of— his tongue snakes out and traces my bottom lip and I readily open my mouth and let him in. I can't help but get closer, my leg wraps itself around his hip as my mind completely short circuits. Not only do his lips look perfect they feel perfect too and he tastes so good.

His fingers tangle in my hair and I get lost in his kiss. My senses are on overload; he feels good, he tastes good and he smells good. Why did it take us this long to get here? Oh yeah, because we're just frie— my mind goes blank when he sucks on my tongue. Yes, I need more of that!

My entire body is ablaze, I've never felt this ache between my legs before, even making out with previous guys. I can't help but unconsciously grind myself against his hip. Seth groans and pulls away, giving me one last kiss before he falls to his back, his chest heaving like my own. No come back here!

My fingers leave his hair and press against my swollen lips. Wow, that was the hottest kiss I've ever had.

"Fuck, that was better than I imagined." Seth admits breathlessly.

I had never thought about it but man that was amazing. It's no surprise Seth gets so many girls, I can't even imagine how good he is in bed.

He rolls back to his side and gives me a chaste kiss before making me turn over and spoons me from behind. "Goodnight." He whispers.

Yeah, like I'm going to fall asleep after that.


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