Chapter 29

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"My last two tables just left, I cleaned them off. I'm out okay?" I say to Harley, the manager on duty.

"See ya." She nods.

I grab my jacket and my crossbody purse and exit Pecker's. That was the most awkward shift I've ever worked. Kelis completely ignored me the entire time, I was surprised she didn't just walk out the door. I'm not really sure what I'm suppose to say to her to make this all better. I don't see how I'm doing anything wrong since Seth understands that we're just friends. Why does Dawson and Kelis think I'm leading him on if we're on the same page?

Seth's bright green car sits at the curb right outside the door and I've never been so happy to see it. I quickly pull the passenger door open and slide in.

"Hey Babe, did you work hard?" Seth asks, flashing me his dimpled smile before pulling away from the curb.

"Not too bad." I sigh and slump against the leather seat.

"What's wrong?" His hand lands on my thigh while we wait at a red light.

Hmm. I stare at his long fingers tracing up and down my jean clad leg.

I give him my best smile, knowing I have to lie because I'm not delving into that conversation. "Nothing, just tired."

"I picked up dinner." He says pointing to the back seat.

I reach back and grab the bag. "Seth I was trying to be good." I groan at the sight of the clear containers of chicken Alfredo and breadsticks.

He laughs. "Be good, what do you mean?"

"If I keep eating like this I'll gain way more than the freshman fifteen."

"You're joking right, you're perfect." He scoffs.

I'm definitely not perfect.

"Yeah, well I won't be if I keep eating carbs all day, every day."

"You'll be fine."

We get to Seth's apartment pretty fast. Olivia and Sawyer are on the couch as usual. Seth grabs us each a bottle of water and we go to his room. I strip my jacket and shoes off feeling instant relief on my tired feet.

"Damn, you look hot in that. If I had known that was the uniform for Pecker's I would've told you to get a job there at the beginning of the year." Seth says his eyes running over my exposed stomach.

I laugh. "It's not really the uniform, Kelis altered the shirt to get better tips."

"She's innovative, that one."

Seth pulls his beanie off his head and my eyes practically bulge out of their sockets. The hair on the sides and back of his head are shaved close while the top has only been trimmed, the blonde locks still messy and tousled but more kept than before. He looks hot as hell.

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