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Hello! Thank you for reading my story—it's a play on a story told in second person, with you as the main character interacting with many of the Beatles, more specifically John Lennon, at age twenty.

The premise of the story—well, I won't spoil it for you—starts in Germany 1960, starting at the moments of the few months the Beatles had prior to Epstein's discovery and signing of them, their kickstart to fame and being publicly acclaimed rock stars. 

It's been quoted that Hamburg was where the Beatles really improved and explored many areas of their musicianship. Having to play for hours on end forced them to improvise and produce many varieties of the songs they knew, as well as learn countless more. I decided to set the story here, because this was in a sense a pure time (in terms of being without the pressures of fame and fortune). They were still boys. John Lennon once said, "I grew up in Hamburg, not in Liverpool." Teenage boys. Teenage boys, who would grow right into fame. Hamburg was in their roots and is thus an important part of their journey as The Beatles.

I've tried to make each character true to themselves, but as an author I can't help but flesh out an individual, biased personality for each character. It's just what happens because they're not mine—they're the Beatles. The story also contains characters that don't exist in real life. However, I've made an attempt to make everything as historically correct as the story will let me. 

And the question—why choose John? John is an absolutely fascinating character. He is arguably the most tortured Beatle, having grown up in a broken home and raised by an aunt who grew up learning not to express feelings. He lost his mother and father at five, found his mother again as a teenager, and lost her forever to a car accident. Pain was bottled up and repressed, but repressed feelings must come out in some way, and his songs and at his darkest times represent those inevitable times. 

Why create a John/reader story then? 

You'll just have to see.

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