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Lisa had gotten ready for the day, descending the stairs, coming to a stop at the last step with a frown. The two palm trees in the foyer, that had been green and lively were now wilted and brown. It made no sense to her how in 24 hours the plants could die.

"Mom," Luna called from the top of the stairs.

"Yeah, baby?" Lisa asked, her attention still on the plants.

"Did you turn the heat on last night?" Luna asked, "It was like a sauna, I had to take a shower from how sweaty I was."

Finally taking her attention off of the plants, she turned to Luna, "I was about to ask you–" stopping herself mid sentence at the sight of Luna without her crutches or walking boot, "Why am I not seeing any crutches or a boot?"

Luna shrugged, "It doesn't hurt that bad, and it's gonna get in the way of paddle boarding."

Lisa shook her head, "No, I'm not having you standing in that board putting pressure on that ankle."

"I'm not gonna be standing, I'll be kneeling."

Lisa sighed reluctantly, "Fine, but you have to wear that boot."

"Mom." Luna whined just as there was a knock on the door.

"Boot now or you're not going anywhere but your room," Lisa watched in amusement as Luna attempted to stomp up the stairs with only one foot.

"It's itchy." Luna continued to whine when there was a knock at the door.

"Boot," she simply stated with a smile as she made her way over to the front door. Opening the door, she instantly lost her smile, "Hunter. What are you doing here?" She questioned before it dawn on her, "Serena sent you."

"No, I was simply in the neighborhood. Thought I'd pop by, see the pet after Ren told me she was back in the states. It'd be nice to have some uncle-niece bonding time." He said.

Lisa narrowed her eyes suspiciously, "You are not her uncle and she's not your niece," she said before smirking, "How's your wife?"

Hunter's smug smile dropped, "How's yours?"

Lisa nodded, "Touché, you just missed her, she went out with friends."

As if on cue, Luna appeared behind Lisa and squealed in excitement, running as best she could towards him before launching herself into his arms, pushing her mom to the side in the process.

She pulled back from the hug to get a good look at him, "Uncle Hunter, what are you doing here?"

Hunter looked over to Lisa, shooting her a pointed look when Luna said 'uncle', "I was in the neighborhood thought I'd stop by and spend some time together."

"Cool, I was about to go to the beach."

"Brilliant minds think alike." Hunter said.

"It's great minds." Lisa corrected.

"Same difference." He said.

After his fifteenth failed attempted at standing on the paddle board, Hunter fell into the ocean once more. Luna sat on her board, not a drop of water on her, a smug smile plastered on her face, having just won fifty dollars.

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