Chapter 22

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Reader's POV
Once everything was settled, we all moved to the livingroom and sat down on the couch as we watched a movie. With Booette hugging my arm between her breasts, Chompette hugging my other arm and nuzzling, and Bowsette's arms around my neck as she pressed her chest against my back, I was...

Comfortable. To say the least.

Bowsette played with my hair while Chompette, Booette and I played switch games with Junior. We were playing Smash Ultimate. And we were doing 3 Vs 1.

We were losing. I thought I was good with (Smash Main), but I was so Horribly wrong.

Booette: Blehhhh
Chompette: Dog sound-
Junior: Ha-HA!

I groaned and leaned back against Bowsette, who was chuckling at our embarrassment of a loss.

Booette: If you think it's funny, then YOU fight!
Bowsette: Oh no, I don't want that question to be answered.

I chuckled and Chompette barked again. Junior leaned back with a smug look.

BowserJR: Take THAT! Nobody can beat me!
(YN): Don't get TO arrogant now
BowserJR: It isn't arrogance if I'm as great as I say I am!

But is it?

I chuckled and stood up, stretching.

(YN): Fine, Fine. You win.
BowserJR: Mhm!

Chompette got up and continued playing with Junior, seemingly enjoying the game and not caring for the compitition. I patted her head and she barked while her tail wagged. I decided that I was gonna take a small nap while everyone had fun playing and watching their games, so I headed over to my room and turned off the lights and laid down on my bed, sighing as sleep's peaceful embrace held me close.


And I felt a sudden shift of weight on the bed. I felt 3 forms lay down on the bed and hold me close. If I had to guess, I would say that the smaller Chompette was the one who nuzzled into my chest while Booette and Bowsette had both of my arms as pillows while they nuzzled into my neck. I smiled softly and leaned my head back down onto the pillow, smiling until I felt a small peck on my lips. I felt my cheeks heat up and looked around sense I couldn't tell who kissed me. I then felt another kiss and blushed harder and before I could say something, I got kissed again. Once the kiss broke, My face was heating up more then I thought it would.

(YN): Who?!
Booette: M-...Me..
Bowsette: Me~
Chompette: BARK!

I tried to cover my face but the girls had my arms down and smiled. I sighed in defeat and settled my blush down, accepting it.

They ARE my Queens, after all. No matter if they breath.

And honestly, this is the kind of ending I can get behind.

Unless the author writes a lemon or something. And knowing the perverts that read this, they will want some fap material.

OutLaw: Agh shit. Well, thank you all for the support you gave this story. It was fun writing it and seeing the support and love you guys gave me. Thank all of you.

Maybe I'll do some lemons. I don't know.

 I don't know

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The End

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