Part 34 - Tears Me Apart

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After the broke up, I'm no longer look at her even we're in the same room. The boys didn't know about it and I think it's better to keep quiet.

Both of us act like we're fine but we didn't talk each other since that day.

"I feel the tension in here" Michael ate his toast bread. Luke and Ashton looked up to me, then to Natashya.

"What?" Luke mumbled.
Natashya sat infront me. I stood up and walked away without finished my breakfast.

"That what I means" I still can hear Michael's voice when I walked away.

I didn't wanna care anymore about her or anyone.

Natashya's pov,

Calum just walked away when I took a seat infront him. I can't lie to myself that I miss him.

But this is all I can do if I didn't want to get fired by Charles. I'm so stupid when I took the contract easily.

I rather get hate by Calum than stayed away from him. I only drink the milk and stood up.

"Where are you going?" Ashton held my wrist.
"I will wait for you guys in the gym" I fake my smile for him.

"You fought with Calum huh?" Michael asked me. I just looked at him and shook my head.

"I'll just wait for you there okay?" I pulled my wrist slowly.
"Nat, you can tell us what's going on" Ashton looked at me with a hope.

"I can't" I shook my head and walked away from there too before they asked me more.

This is difficult than I thought. The broke up thing just hurting me. I only can see him from far and won't be able to touch him and hold him.

Our a year together just go away like that. I wish we can spend time together longer but everything didn't work out.

6 months after the break up just really make me stress. I wanna tell him the truth but, I can't. It's in the fucking contract.

Calum also changed. He's no longer stay at home. He preferred to go out early morning and back home in the middle of the night.

He doesn't took breakfast at home. He just hate me so much and I knew it.

It's stressing me out. A man that I loved just walked away from me everytime I came closer. Thank God, the boys just be by my side. Also Crystal,Sierra and Kaykay too. They are always with me because they knew we broke up after Calum revealed it.

You know it's tough to handle your own ex boyfriend. I walked for the breakfast and today I woke up late.

Not only today but it's already happened few times. My insomnia just back after the break up. I overthink much.

But the boys seem fine and they prepared their breakfast if I woke up late like today.

"He maybe just get back with his ex" I heard Ashton's voice. He's talking about who?

"Kristen?!" Michael shouted.
"Shut the fuck up. What if Nat heard you?" Ashton groaned.
"Are you sure about this?" Luke asked him.

"Very sure" Ashton said.
It's hurting me but I knew that's the best for him.

I walked into the kitchen like I don't hear anything. They shocked to see me.

"Just continue about them" I took the milk from refrigerator.
"You heard us?" Ashton talked slowly. I nodded.

"Are you okay?" He looked at me.
I smiled and sat with them.
"At least he's happy...yeah" I mumbled and my voice began to break. Please don't cry. Please.

"We're sorry but I don't know if it's the true or not. It just maybe" Ashton pats my back. I looked down and shook my head.

I'm a loser when my tears just fell down onto my cheeks. I can't believe I cried infront them.

I knew I once told them nothing can break me but I didn't tell them that a man which I loved can break me and tears me apart.

I hate for being so weak like this. Once it's Pete but now,Calum.

Its only 6 months and Calum already open his heart for his ex? Whattttttttt

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