Chapter 10

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Time Skip a week later

Hikaru and Kaoru walk into class a bit late. Hikaru holding a sleeping Kuro in his arms and Kaoru holding a bag full of something. The teacher notices and sighs.
“Why are you three late and why is Kuro sleeping?”
“Sorry, his chemo ran a little longer than what we planned and Kuro is always extremely tired afterwards. He fell asleep in the limo and we didn’t have the heart to wake him up.”
“What’s in the bag?”
“His ‘after chemo’ care bag. He’s usually very sick afterwards so we made a bag to carry all of it around in.”
“If he gets so sick, why isn’t he at home?”
“our mom is at work and frankly doesn’t care and none of our staff members are qualified to take care of him.”
“Then why aren’t you at home with him?”
“Well, before he fell asleep, we told him that we were taking him home and we were going to take care of him but he yelled at us and told us that we are going to school because we need our education and that it would affect our attendance records. We started arguing with him but we could tell he was getting himself more sick over the whole thing so we let him win.”
“Oh…….well…….just go to your seats please and keep quiet. If he is about to throw up, please take him to a restroom immediately. You don’t need to ask.” They nod and take their seats.

Haruhi leans over to them. “Is he going to be okay?” “Yeah. But because of his lungs they put him on an extremely high dosage, more than he’s used to, so the side effects are hitting him harder.”

She nods and goes back to paying attention to the teacher, occasionally stealing glances at the sleeping teen, noticing that he had dark circles under his eyes and his lips were a bluish purple.

About half way through the lesson, Kuro stirs awake and puts his lips closer to Hikaru's ear. “N-nii-san, I d-don’t f-feel very g-good.” “Do you feel like you have to throw up?” Kuro nods.

Hikaru immediately stands up, tapping Kaoru on the shoulder so he knows what’s going on. They both make their way to the bathroom, Kuro holding his hand over his mouth.

They make their way over to a stall and Kuro immediately starts puking up the little amount of food he ate and blood, lots of blood. Kaoru rubbing his back and Hikaru rummaging through the bag to look for a handkerchief and a breathing mask because by now, Kuro was gasping for air, a trail of blood trickling out of the corner of his mouth.

Hikaru handed the handkerchief to Kaoru ,who was holding Kuro in his lap, and Kaoru started wiping his face clean.

When he was done, Hikaru immediately put the mask on around his mouth and nose. Kaoru started rocking him back and forth, both singing a lullaby to their now crying brother. “I……..hate…………..this,” he gasped out. “We know, Kuro, we know.”

After his breathing stabled a bit, he started talking. “They told me that the cancer cells colonized in my lungs and that there’s a chance that the same thing is happening to my stomach,” he sobbed out.

Hikaru and Kaoru were in tears, holding their sick brother close. “It’s going to be okay. We’ll all figure this out together.” He nods and slowly drifts back to sleep. They pick him up and clean up the mess they made.

When they stepped back into class, their classmates all noticed the tear streaks down their faces and the faint blood trail coming down from Kuro’s lips.

They also noticed that he looked worse; any color in his skin is now gone, his lips had dried blood on them, and he had a small breathing mask on instead of the usual cannula.

The teacher noticed and walked over to them, worry in his eyes. “Is everything okay? Does he need to go to the nurse or anything?” He asked quietly, mindful of the sleeping triplet.
“He doesn’t need to go to the nurse and we took care of it. It was mostly the side effect of the chemo and medicine he’s on.”
The teacher nods and heads back up to the front, saying that the rest was free period because he needed to do something.

Haruhi noticed something that worried her.


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