Chapter 7

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“Sure! It’s really fun being here and I want to spend more time with you guys and get to know your friends, too. So, yeah. I’ll join!” He smiles brightly at his nii-sans. They blush a bit at his cuteness and nod, walking away to Tamaki to tell him the news.

Tamaki, to say the least, was over the moon about the news and ran over and gave the newest member a bone crushing hug. “Yay! I have a new son!!!” “T-tamaki, y-you’re hurting m-me.”

Tamaki immediately drops him, repeatedly saying sorry with waterfall tears running down his face, his cheek rubbing against Kuros. “It’s fine, Tamaki. But next time don’t squeeze me so hard, please.” Tamaki ndos, still crying. Kuro tries to get out but Tamaki won’t let him. He sighs and looks to the nearest host, which is Mori.

“Umm, Mori-senpai, can you help me?” Mori nods and pulls him away from the crying Tamaki. “Thanks,” he murmured and grabbed his oxygen tank that was still in Tamaki’s possession.

He then walked over to his older brothers and plopped down. Tamaki tried to get him to come back but Hikaru and Kaoru wrapped their arms around Kuro protectively, growling at their friend and ‘king’.

Needless to say, Tamaki went over to his emo corner.

Sorry that this one is so short.

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