Chapter 5

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“Ummm, well, you see………...Kuro is very sick and he can’t breathe very well on his own hence why he has the oxygen tank.” “What illness does he have?” I sigh. “Cancer. Leukemia to be more specific. They call it Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia, JMML for short. The cancer cells have made a ‘colony’ in his lungs and he runs the risk of his kidney or liver failing everyday.

They haven’t told him about his lungs though, so he doesn’t give up in fighting it. He deals with a tremendous amount of pain in his bones on a daily basis.

The chemo is barely helping anything yet they still drug him up relentlessly. Thinking that maybe one day the drugs will stop this cancer.

But they don't and they never will, all they do is weaken his already sucky immune system to where he can barely fight off a simple cold.

And the side effects of this thing that’s supposed to save him are horrifying. He lost all of his hair, he’s constantly tired, he can’t gain any weight because anything he eats, he throws right back up with so much blood that you think he should’ve bled out by now.

He has been dealing with this since he was four years old, probably younger and our mother didn’t even realise something was wrong until we were seven.

She had them stick large needles into his bone to confirm, not a simple blood test that was a bit more expensive and would’ve done the same thing because and I quote, ‘I don’t want to pay for it’,she didn’t want to pay for him to be in the hospital full time either, so she kept him home, putting his life in more danger than it already was because she didn’t want to pay for it.

She only signed him in to the hospital a year later because we almost lost him when body gave out on him when he snuck out to play with us outside because our mother thought his ‘asthma’ would flare up if he went outside.

He was in the ICU for over a month.

He had so many machines hooked up to him, so many needles were in his arms hooking up to IVs for the pain, the chemo, the stem cells, oh the stem cells………

they said it would be painless, that he had to stay awake, and we had to watch him for any signs that his body might reject the new cells that were meant to save him.

We had to watch him scream in silent pain because he had lost his voice from screaming because he was in pain so intolerable to him, a person who dealt with pain daily, that he screamed at the top of his lungs, yelling for someone to make it stop.

He’s been in the hospital for almost half of his life, with no friends to visit him because no one knew him.

No one took the time to know our amazingly smart little brother. Our own mother visits once a year, on our birthday, tells him happy birthday from the door and then leaves.

So we stayed with him. We held his hand through every chemo therapy session he’s ever had. We helped him remember what medicine he had to take and when.We helped him through the fears and nightmares. We cooked for him every day because the only food he can actually stomach is ours. And in return, he helped us.

He’s the one who said we should join the host club. He’s the one who said we should join the host club. He’s the one we look to when we have science or math homework. He pointed out each and every constellation in the sky and told us the stories behind them. He makes us laugh when he plays pranks on his nurses. He is our light. He is our only light in the sea of darkness we call humans. So yeah he has cancer.”

I was crying by the middle of my speech. Everyone around me stood stunned by the words I had just spoken. I turned to see Kuro still curled in on himself, sleeping soundlessly. I sigh and sit back down since I stood up in the middle of my speech. I plant a gentle hand on Kuro’s back, rubbing his back ever so slightly. “So, what do you guys want to talk about?”

Sorry about the whole speech thing that Hikaru did, I kind of got worked up while writing it and went a little over board.
Sorry and bye!!

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