Chapter 3

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Time Skip

The last bell rings and I look over to Kuro to find him lying across his desk, sleeping soundly, a small and content smile on his face. I almost woke him up to leave but he looked so peaceful. I pick him up and carry him like a child, taking his oxygen cart and wheeling it beside us. Kaoru chuckles and ran up to catch us, all of our bags in his arms. “Thanks, Kao,” I whisper to him, mindful of the sleeping angel in my arms. He nods and we reached Music Room 3. All of our arms were full with either bags or human so we kicked the door lightly, making it resemble a knock.

We hear distant yelling inside the room and groan internally. The door opens slightly and we make our way inside. They were all yelling at each other. “Guys! Hush! He’s sleeping!” I whisper yelled, gesturing to my pale triplet whose arms are wrapped around my shoulders and his legs around my waist. They all stopped and stared at me in silence.

Huni broke the silence. “Who are you holding, Hika-chan?” Kaoru spoke up. “It's our brother, Huni-senpai.” Huni nodded and skipped off. We were about to take Kuro over to the couch when the dumb blonde prince pranced towards us. “Oh my! Why are you carrying him like he’s a two year old! He looks about your age, treat him that way!” he yelled.

We tried to tell him to quieten down but we were too late. Kuro’s head snapped to the enthusiastic prince and glared,”You are the one indecent enough to not trying to keep your voice down when you know someone is sleeping. For all you could’ve known, I could have been unconscious. Show some respect to the people around you. And just so you know, teenagers and adults don’t have temper tantrums when someone doesn’t do what they say, only irresponsible children do. So go on child, run, play, color, and let the mature young adults in the room do the talking, okay?”

Tamaki immediately went to his corner of gloom, muttering things to himself about he isn’t a child.

Me and Kaoru are trying hard not to start laughing our heads off.

“Nice one, Kuro,” I mumble to him. “Yeah, nice one,” Kaoru agrees. He turns to us with a bright smile on his face. “Thanks, nii-sans!” He exclaimed, roses and sparkles all around him. Kyoya walks up and looks Kuro up and down.

“I don’t suppose your Hikaru and Kaoru's triplet brother, are you?” “Yep! That’s me, Kyo-sama!” The entire place freezes.

We can see Kuro beginning to panic.

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