Chapter 10

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For a Thursday night Miles and I continued to chat late into the night. It was only after I had tried to stifle a yawn that Miles decided to dismiss himself and left out the door. 

We had spent a late evening talking about everything and anything. We would go from talking about types of food to talking about Leanne. He invited me to stop by the bar on Saturday night and assured me that nobody would be groping or grabbing any part of my being. Although he did ask if I would wear something a little more casual than my last get up at the bar. 

As I finished some new venture contracts and partnership proposals, I couldn't help but think about tonight. Ben had called early this morning saying that if he had to work another full day that his body may just shut down. I felt grateful and slightly guilty at jumping at the chance to change our plans so I could see Miles again. 

I was so wrapped into my thoughts and was just staring at my computer screen when I heard a "hello" come from the door. 

I gave a little startled squeal which just led to Brad laughing and plopping himself down in one of the chairs beside my desk. 

"Well, shit Brad. You scared me!"

He just continued to chuckle and looked at his watch. "You seemed to be very entranced with your computer screen, so I thought I'd interrupt you to see if you wanted to do a quick lunch before your conference call this afternoon?" He seemed to be too relaxed and my eyes started to narrow at him as I crossed my arms in front of me. 

"What's going on?" 

He just laughed at me. "Oh Mia, nothing is going on. I just wanted to catch up, there were just a few things I wanted to talk to you about." Again I felt like his voice was too casual. "So lunch?"

I kept my arms crossed and studied him for just a moment. "Fine, but I know you're up to something." I quickly locked my computer and grabbed my purse while Brad patiently waited. 

Brad knew how much of an outside junkie I was even when it was raining in the PNW, so instead of walking us to his car he walked out of the building and down the road. It was a hot day and I could feel the beams of sun hitting me ask we started walking up the hill towards Bellevue Square. As I glanced over to Brad I had to choke down a laugh as we began to walk. 

"Damn, it's hot. Why did I think we should walk?" Brad asked. 

This time I couldn't hold back a laugh. "I think you're a little out of shape there old man." I snickered back at him. He just shot me a cold glare. 

"You know if I didn't know you better, I'd think you were sassing me." I watched as his face began to perspire gently and he began to breathe a little heavier. 

"Oh never, but you could just admit that you're not as young as you once were." I just grinned back at him. 

"Or as in shape." He muttered under his breath and I couldn't help but laugh even more at that while he gave me a weak smile. 

"See you should have taken my dad up on his offer years ago to go to his triathlon training class." Brad just snorted at the idea as we reached the little sushi restaurant. 

"Can you even imagine me doing a triathlon Mia, I mean really picture it!" He started to laugh and I joined in. "I can't even believe that you're dad started doing triathlons when he invited me." I looked over at Brad and really couldn't imagine him doing anything extremely physical. 

I knew that he was older than my parents by a good 10 years, and it was starting to show. His grey hair was still groomed and tidy, but the receding hairline had come back quite a bit in the last few years. The stress of owning and maintaining a profitable business in Seattle with large tech companies could be clearly seen in the wrinkles on the man's face. Although he wasn't fat, he was no longer the tall lean guy that I knew in my childhood. Age was starting to affect him and just this little 10 minute walk took its toll on him. 

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