Chapter 6

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Percy's P.O.V
We arrived at camp half-blood around half an hour, I had stopped a bit after leaving to place Annabeth in front of me so she didn't fall off from behind me, from then she had snuggled into my chest while I stayed awake, keeping Blackjack going. You may be wondering why we didn't use our dragons to escape, well they would be to big for the cell and so they wouldn't have any way of getting us out really.

BlackJack dropped us off at the big house, before he started heading back to the stables. I walked in and saw the seven with Calypso, around the ping pong table, Chiron had a poker face on as he stood at the head. I shook Annabeth a bit, I was holding her bridal style. She muttered something before opening her eyes, she got out of my grasp and stood up, yawning, she patted her hair down, we then went and stood between Frank and Leo. "Demigods, Rachel has sprouted another prophecy." There were numerous grumbles coming from the group, Chiron sighed before continuing, "It goes on the lines of this.
Two Goddess' have turned
For a Titan has returned.
The eight fight a new rival
The Wise will turn evil.
The new power.
The golden eyed will cower." (I tried... I'm no Rick Riordan)

"That must mean that Athena could be one of the Goddess' that turn evil!" Piper Cried, slamming a closed fist into her palm. Some murmuring was heard. "Ahhh, whatever the reason behind that line, I think these mortals, Percy, Annabeth, that you are dealing with might be helpful, for a I had a dream of a bright crystal kept in the museum, these 'avengers', are protecting it. I heard two feminine voices talking about stealing it, though I don't know which, I only know that this a gem the two goddess' are after, you can protect it with the help of those avengers. Please talk of how you will confront these mortals, goodnight." After Chiron's long speech, he headed into his room, leaving the seven to think. "Alright," Annabeth said After a while, "Frank will be a bird that will look through the window in case of back up, Jason will go in-" she couldn't finish as Apollo flashed onto the pool table, he did a finger gun at Calypso before standing straight and coughing into his fist, pretending to fix up an invisible tie, "Zeus has allowed you to tell these avengers about the gods and demigods, but under no circumstances are they allowed to tell anyone else, are we clear? Coolio! Ta-ta!" Annabeth shook her head as Apollo disappeared in a flash.
"As I was saying, Jason will be Percy's brother, adopted, Piper will also go as a good speaker, Leo will listen from a tree, hack into the security system and watch. Calypso will be with him, that leaves Hazel and I, we'll be invisible in the room, otherwise known as shielded by the mist, I'll wear my cap. Understand?" Everyone nodded at Annabeth's plan, "Alright, be back in this room at 9am tomorrow, we'll go by subway, then by taxi."  We hurried back to our cabins, it was quite late. The harpies would be rading the fridge like they usually do... Don't ask how I know... I kissed Annabeth good night and walked to my cabin, enduring a dreamless night, which wasn't common nor rare.

Everyone was around the table, Calypso had a plain white shirt on with a pocket and dark jeans with boots. Piper had a flannel shirt, the top to buttons were unbuttons, showing some of her white crop top, she had dark skinny jeans and black converse, Jason had a yellow shirt with a blue lightning bolt and light jeans with black converse, Leo had his usual white singlet with red suspenders, dark jeans, brown boots and tool belt, I wore a dark blue shirt, khakis and blue converse, Frank had a dark green shirt on with the words, 'Be A Man,' in black. Black jeans and white joggers, Annabeth had a beige crop top with black denim shorts and a navy blue jumper that was unzipped, she also had white joggers with a black choker, Hazel, who was next to Frank, wore a skater skirt, black leggings, black converse with a yellow shirt tucked into her skirt.

We got out of the van, Annabeth waved to Argus and we caught the subway just in time. I saw a guy checking Annabeth out and placed an arm around her, she leaned on me and looked up at me, smirking, she placed a light kiss on my lips before placing her head back on my shoulder, I looked back at the guy and he glared daggers at me before shuffling his paperwork around in his folder-bag. We arrived at our stop shortly after and got off, calling an Uber that was a van. When it turned up it was, well, a limo.

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