15• Perverted monster

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And here you go with the update. Thank you so much for all the love that you have showered.

Two days later

"Manik I can walk." I told him yet again but he just wouldn't listen. He is a monster after all and how can he ever listen to me.

Since the last two days he has been carrying me here and there. Huff! he is being over protective about me this days.

Thank god Nyonika aunty and daadu aren't here otherwise just like yesterday they would have teased me. Something came up and they had to leave this morning. Sigh!

Anyway the one and only good news is that my holidays end tomorrow and after that I am back to the hospital.

He gently put me on the seat and sat beside me. He took out a plate and served the dishes for me.

"You know right you are treating me like a kid." Though a part of me did like it but he did annoy me at times.

"It's your fault. If you hadn't hurt your leg, I wouldn't be doing all this."

"Are you trying to say you are worried about me?" I asked out of pure curiosity and nothing else.

"Worried about you?" He let out a fake laugh. "Not even in my dreams. And by the way it's called humanity."

Annoying jerk. Why did I even ask?

I looked at my plate, only to gape on it. Like the plate was almost full. What does he think about me?

"Manik I can't eat all that." I contradicted.

"You should." He said, forwarding me the plate.

"But I won't."

"Then I will have to force you."

"Manik please na." I made my best puppy face. Sometimes we must do things like this.

"You need more energy so no chance." Huff! How could a monster's heart melt?

"Manik I am not eating all this." I snapped, pushing the plate away.

He gently lifted the chair in which I was seated and turned it towards his chair. What was he trying to do?

He then took the plate and sat on his seat. "What are you up to?" I asked, crossing my arms around my chest.

Taking a spoonful of rice, he forwarded it towards me.

Unbelievable. He is going to feed me.

I shook my head in 'no' but how could a monster listen to an innocent angel like me.

"Manik I-" He didn't even let me speak as he stuffed the spoon into my mouth. Half the morsel landed in my mouth and the half landed on my lap.

"Maniikkk." I shouted as I dusted away the rice. He is so annoying.

"If you don't eat I have my ways to make you eat." This dominating monster.

I turned my head to the other direction. "Bring them o-" My words died when I felt his lips on my cheek. My eyes widened and my breath hitched. Only at the touch of his lips I could feel my cheeks getting heated up.

Although it was just a peck but I felt as if the temperature of the room just rose.

"What was that?" I said, looking at him.

"If you don't want me to kiss you then eat." I could see him smirking. He's making my stupid heart race and here he is smirking. I so want to punch him.

"And this time it won't be on your cheek but somewhere else." I could see him eyeing my lips.

"What?"I immediately covered my lips. " You are such a pervert."

"Am I?" He said with a smug smile."Then let me prove it too." He got up from his seat and bent towards me, making me bent backwards.

"Shall I prove it?" He said, his face just inches away from mine. With my hands covering my lips, I shook my head in no.

"Then eat." He said as he took a step backward. I composed myself and let out the breath that I had unknowingly been holding.

I placed my hand on my heart and I could feel it racing. He is such a jerk.

He brought a spoonful of rice near my mouth and I opened my mouth to eat it. I chewed the rice, glaring at him. Jerk.

"Perverted monster." I said, chewing the morsel. "You always-" I coughed as the rice got stuck on my throat.

Manik immediately made me drink water, rubbing my back lightly. I looked at him as he rubbed my back and all I could see was concern in his eyes.

"Nandini no speaking while eating." He scolded. Great now I feel like a total kid. I pouted angrily and he chuckled.

At one point he cares and the next moment he scolds. At one point he says we should fight less and know each other more but then he is the one to mock me and start the fights. Confusing arrogant perverted monster.

I ate three to four spoons in silence and I was again back to talking, to be precise, bitching about him that to in front of him. I am great.

"You talk too much." He said, shaking his head a bit as he stuffed a morsel into my mouth.

"Do I?" I chewed the morsel. "That because I don't want to hear you talk. You know if I don't talk, you would start talking and your voice is like acid to my ears."

"As if your voice is like music to my ears." He mocked. It's better than music. Music reminds me of Fab 5 and that reminds me they are coming here tonight and even Navya's coming.

The night's gonna be fun and I'm just hoping this perverted monster doesn't spoil it.

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