Chapter 7

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I woke up to the smell of chicken and got to the kitchen, Tom was making lunch.

"Hello Sleeping Beauty! It seems you have slept A LOT! Ehehehe" he laughed.

"Well yeah, I'm a bit tired" I replied

"I was gonna wake you up but you are so cute when you are asleep so I didn't want to bother you" he said.

"And I appreciate that. Thanks Tom" I said

While we were having lunch we talked about lots of things, our relationship and what we should say on the interviews we were having next week if they asked about it.

**the radio was on and this new Maroon 5 song 'It Was Always You' was playing**

"Gosh I love this song!" I said

"What's its name?" He asked

"It Was Always You by Maroon 5" I said

"Ohh then I notice why you like it so much, Maroon 5 is one of your fave bands isn't it?"

"Hahaha you know me so well! But apart from that I think it actually describes our relationship so well! '...we would just waste in time, only friends in my mind..' " I said

"Wow didn't realize that! It actually does!" He said with that cute smile on his face.


We decided to spend the afternoon in a park near the house before we were having dinner with my parents. We were planning to tell them about us this night.

When we were coming back to our house and I was unlocking the door, Tom turned me around and kissed me passionately. Wow that kiss... Just wow.

When we stoped to take some breathe I saw my mother standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! SERIOUSLY MOM! YOU ARE ALWAYS ARE A LITTLE BIT EARLY THAN EXPECTED!!

Tom just got shocked and I did the same **I think we all three were shocked. But what was I supposed to do? Say 'it is not what it looks like?' Well no! Cause it was actually what it looked like!! The problem was we were going to tell her and my father while having dinner! Not now! We didn't want them to find out!**

Tom was the one who broke silence "erm ohh-I....Hello Anne" Tom said

My mom just stayed there speechless

"Mom..hi- erm Would you like to come in so we can talk about this?"

She was paralized, her mouth opened, but finally said almost whispering "Hi.... I- I...I guess that would be great"

"Okay, come in" I said


This was akward, we three were sitting on the table, waiting for someone to talk first.

I broke the silence "Mom, would you like to wait for dad or we tell you first?"

"Well, hmm... I would like to know, but let's wait for your dad; even though there isn't much to tell right? Or you are gonna say that it wasn't what it looked like?" She asked nervously

Tom was shocked, he looked like a child who did a bad thing. "No. We wouldn't say that, cause it was what it looked like." Tom replied.


My dad came, and mine said "the kids need to talk to us about sth so please sir down honey"

"Ohh sure!" My dad said.

"Okay, if you don't mind, I'll start." Tom said

"It's okay Tommy, go on" mom said

" you know, we have been friends for ages now, and nothing happened, but while we were filming, I don't know, something just woke up our feelings, maybe, and we sort of-...kinda fell in love" Tom concluded.

"I'm sorry mom and dad, I don't know but I love Tom and it makes me sad I couldn't realize before, all these years wasted and he was just in front of me" I apologized and Tom smiled and put his arm around mine.

My dad wasn't shocked actually, he said "Honey there is nothing to feel bad to, you know? We love you both and we always dreamt of you getting together, it was sth that, in our opinion, sooner or later would happen, cause we hoped so. It doesn't make us mad, it actually makes us really happy!"

"Yes sweeties, we are proud and amazed that our dream came true! You know I was shocked by watching you kids kissing, it's just we raised you and we know Tom since a baby, so watching you kissing kinda surprised me, but I promise, in a wonderful way." As my mom said, I saw Tom's face changed slowly.

"Wow, thank you so much, that is amazing. We didn't know how you would react, and it was in the best way, actually so much better than we both expected. We were willing to tell you tonight, but I'm, well we, we are happy it turned out to be perfect! Thank you!" Tom said and hugged them.

"Come on Y/N! Family hug with our son in law!!" Daddy said, I laughed and joined them.



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