Chapter 2 SkyHill

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Ppl in video are the main characters. If the link doesn't work go to YouTube and look up The Wondering Exorcist. It's the one with the one by yugison64. I made that account a very long time ago, and that is my username because I USED to play yugioh.

Chapter 2


Alexia POV

I huddled closer to Trey and the other apprentices, the winter was freezing cold and all we had was blankets and a small fire. My snow white hair fell down my back in curls and my fiery red eyes pierced the night. The moon illuminated my snow pale skin.

I can't believe how many demons there were. It's like they were gathering for something.

This mission was to serve as my graduation test to become a a trainee, I'm only a Apprentice after all. The ranks go, apprentice, trainee, light, exorcist, shadow, paladin, grandmaster. I'm also only 17.

We have been hiding from the demons ever since we found out we were outmatched, which was a week ago.

"Getting cold?!" Trey asked and I started shivering. He chuckled and put a warm around me.

"Hey guys. Got some food for us from a store." Mickey said coming in with a handful of food that he passed out to all three of us.

"Do you think the order will send anyone tot save us?" Mickey asks and Trey shakes his head no.

"I don't think so." Trey said bluntly.

"Then we can kill you without any fear of getting caught or killed." Said a voice from the door way of the house. I instantly turned to look at the source of the voice. It belonged to a demon, a class five Orc to be precise. Each monster is grouped into a class based on strength. Class one being strongest, and the greater the number, the weaker the monster.

"RUN!" Trey yelled so we ran to our exit but it was soon blocked by a Fang.

Fangs are a race of feline demons that are basically humanoid cats, except way more deadly. Think kajiit from Skyrim, but real.

Suddenly a man in a black hood that completely covered his face appeared behind the Fang. The Fang burst into a blood fountain as it was cut in half, I didn't even see the hooded man draw his sword. But he had, and now it dripped with the Fangs blood. The Orc threw a spear at the mystery guy, who dodged it with ease. But the dodge cost the man his hood, his messy black hair and his fierce ice blue eyes.

"Who is that guy?" I asked after nudging Trey.

"Holy shit, that's Slayer. This must be a big if the order is busting out the big guns." Trey said in awe.

"Slayer?" I asked and Mickey nodded as he joined us.

"I've only herd story's. But Slayer is the only exorcist with the skills of a Paladin. Rumor has it, he was trained by the old grandmaster himself." Mickey chimed in.

"If he has the skills of a Paladin, then why is he a exorcist?" I asked.

"No one knows." Mickey answered and Trey nodded.

"Is his name really Slayer?" I asked and Trey shook his head no.

"His real name is Zack Runner. But he was nicknamed Slayer because he's successfully killed every single demon that's had the balls to go up against him. He's also called the cursed exorcist because his whole family was killed by a very very powerful demon that Slayer is now searching for. The guys a legend." Trey explained and I nodded.

I stopped with the questions after that and watched the fight. I wonder if this Slayer is really as strong as he is portrayed to be.

By the time I looked back to where the fight had been, there were two headless bodies and Slayer was walking towards us, his weapons all sheathed, his face blank, and covered by his hood. I was in pure awe, the fight was done in less than three minuets.

"go back to the order now!" Slayer said and trey and Mickey nodded and pulled me towards the car.

"What about Slayer, won't he die?" I ask and Trey and Mickey chuckle.

"This kind of thing is child's play for Slayer." Trey said and I said nothing as I let them get me into the car. Right as we were about to pull out, I jumped out of the car and bolted towards Slayer.

"Alexia! What are you doing? Get back here, we need to go." Mickey yelled.

"I'm not leaving him. Plus he would have no way to get back if we took the car." I say. My friends sigh and get out if the car and join me.

"Get out of here." Ordered Slayer. His voice was as cold as ice, his eyes contained more rage than I would've thought possible for a human to contain, but at the same time that rage was controlled.

"This is my graduation test, so I will complete it." I say and Slayer shot me a death glare, that would kill me instantly if looks could kill. After realizing my stubbornness, he nods his approval.

After 20 minuets I killed one demon and Slayer had obliterated 15. From the looks of things, he hadn't even broke a sweat. The guy was truly amazing. Out of nowhere a demons blood splashed my back and I looked back. Slayer had decapitated the demon without even looking while he shot three other demons in the head. After the Slayer had killed his 50th demon, the rest of them ran away.

"Let's go." Slayer stated and we didn't argue at all, so we all got in the van and headed back to Branch.


35 minuets Later


We arrived back at branch and were quickly taken inside.

"Thank you." I said to Slayer, who said nothing and walked past me. "What'd I do?" I asked a little insulted. I herd chuckling and looked around to see Dan leaning against a wall.

"He's doesn't talk much." Dan said.

"Why?" I asked.

"He's not good with people. He's been with the order about 11 years now. And very very few of us have ever herd him talk, besides when he's giving orders. But, even then it has to be really bad for him to say something in the heat of battle." Dan explained and I nodded. "Anyway, I'm glad to see you guys safe." Dan added and I smiled.

"Agreed." I say.

"You guys should get some sleep. I'll see you tomorrow." Dam said and the three of us nodded and headed to our room.

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