Family Vacation

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It took a few days for whatever was happening to be over, and your dad and Vision both returned home looking completely different.  Tony had been bruised and walked like every muscle in his body hurt, and Vision barely acknowledged you when he first saw you again.  That hurt more than anything, since the last time you saw him, you were sure that Wanda had killed him.  You thought maybe that's why she wasn't there with him when he came home, because he was too mad at her and didn't want to see her; you had no idea what was really going on with the team that was your family.

You were in your room on that evening when they returned, so your dad made his way there first thing once his bag of gear hit the floor.  When the gentle knock on the door came it made you jump slightly in reaction, even though you knew that he was home.  You had figured that he'd probably have FRIDAY send you downstairs like she usually did when he came back from a trip.

"Come in," you answered, sitting up straighter on your bed to wait.  When the door opened, rather than your smiling father moving to greet you, Tony stood in place, staring at you with eyes brimming with moisture. "Dad?  What's wrong?"

"Hey, kiddo.  I could, uh...I could really..." he stammered, shaking his head at his own ineptitude, "I could go for a hug, if you're up for it."

Without another word, you hopped down from your bed and ran across the room to him, all but throwing yourself into his arms with the tightest hug you could muster.  "You're okay, Daddy.  I've got you."

He held onto you for what felt like forever to your young mind, but you didn't mind; you had missed him so much, and you had no idea why he was gone in the first place.  Happy had kept you occupied during those days, but he could never assure you that your father was safe, and that Vision had made it out of the giant pit that Wanda slammed him into without permanent damage.  You hadn't been told anything, so to have your dad in your arms was beyond a relief that you had waited too long for.  When he finally pulled back from the embrace, his tears had still left a shine on his cheeks, but his eyes had dried of them and he seemed to be better already.

"I'd like us to go away for a little while," he smiled softly, "how does that sound?"

"Where?  Just you and me?"

"I'm thinking Florida.  We'll hit up Disney, Universal Studios, all of those standards, and wherever else you want."

"Dad, you didn't answer. Who's going with us?" you repeated, now skeptical and he knew it.

"Pep, of course. She'll officially be your mom pretty soon, so I know she wants to spend time with you too...and there's also someone I want you to meet.  I feel like the two of you are gonna get along really well.  He's got way more energy than I do, so when you wear me out, he can make sure that you can keep going."

"I've never met him, and he's going with us?"

"Well, I know him pretty well, if that helps.  You trust me, right?"

"Yeah, I do.  So, who is it?"

Tony stood and took your hand, his other taking his phone from his pocket to type out a quick message. "Okay, he should be here any second." The two of you waited there for a few minutes, silent and watching the door to open; when you were just about to give up, it finally moved, and the guest of honor made his appearance with a hand outstretched to you in greeting.

"Hey, (Y/N), I'm Peter. Peter Parker."

Your eyes shot open wide in realization, and your adrenaline began to surge at the idea of exactly who it was that you were taking with you.  This was going to be the greatest vacation ever.  "Oh my gosh, you're Spider-Man!"

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