Rainy Nights

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The three girls stumbled out the broken door of the house. The party had begun to wind down and the house owner wished the girls well and told them to get back safely. 

He had only meant them that night but, enjoyed them in the way everyone else did, they were different. 

So different.

There was no way you could be around them and not feel it. There was just something about the trio.

They'd make you smile, laugh, and wish for their life in the first five minutes of talking.

They didn't hug and scream, stumbling around crying like the other drunk girls. 

They laughed and danced exchanging clever comments and telling their stories. 

Always telling stories.

Particularly the Wild one. 

I will give you the wide eyed excited look and make the most ordinary of days sound like the craziest day of the year. With a periodic "right?" or "y'know?" to keep the listener on their toes. 

Eventually they would all chime in on the story and end in a fit of laughing that everyone else wished they understood. 

The door jam caught Sarah's heel as she was the last one to practically fall out the door.

She wore all black, per usual these days, but the award winning smile strung across her face nevertheless. 

They looked at each other and laughed at the state they were all in. The little one chugged the rest of a shady looking bottle and threw it into the bushes with a scream. 

 I stood covered in dirty beer water from the table that had come crashing down at the end of the party. 

         I had gone to throw a pong ball and a very intoxicated girl twirled and fell directly into the middle of the table. The table collapsed from the middle sending the mix of dirty water and beer all me. Older boys yelled in frustration and girls rolled their eyes in annoyance.

           However, the three of them laughed easily. I wrung beer from her jeans and thought about how this would be the funniest story to tell. Sarah and Demi giggled and helped the girl up, sending her on her way to the sober driver that was supposed to take the trio home. 

           The drunk girl tried to protest saying she didn't want to take their ride, but the three waved her off and said they were fine walking home, even in the pouring rain on that freezing November night. 

So here they were. walking down the driveway already soaking wet. The freezing temperature of the rain went unnoticed by their fuzzy state of mine. 

They crossed the street and stepped onto campus beginning the trek all the way back to their dorm. You must've been able to hear their laughs and screams for miles.

The kicked the puddles up at each other and screeched as they became coated in freezing mud.

 Demi and I ran through the grass down onto the outdoor stage.

Demi screamed at the top of her lungs and laughed sprinting back toward the sidewalk.

I was a few minutes behind her.

     In those few minutes, I had one of those moments I rarely spoke to anyone about.

               I had a sense of knowing when a moment I was living, would be a very important memory.  

               It was so sad because it felt wonderful to know that this moment in time was so perfect, but it also meant things would never be the same. I smiled sadly through the pouring rain up at my two best friends. Never again would they be so young and free. 

With that I jumped off the stage running to catch up to the others. 

I ran past them and slid down the shore toward the lake like I always did.

"NO NO NO MADDIE" screamed the other two, knowing fully well the lake was far from frozen. 

"No more No Maddies' Only yes Maddies' " screamed the wildest of the three and I went knee deep in the water kicking it up to soak my best friends. 

They yelled and pelted each other with snowballs as the three finally stumbled into the dorm building dripping wet. 

They fell asleep that night, tucked together on the small twin sized bed. The glow of the rock lamp in the corner reflected the orangey tint of happiness that filled the room. 

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