Chapter 5: The Storms

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He was just about to leave with a pack of paid cigarettes in hand, when a tap on the shoulder made him turn around in annoyance, "Look, dude. I paid my damn cig--"

His eyes widened and his mouth made the shape of an 'o', before he blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't hallucinating.

The young man before him smiled charmingly, "Hello, little brother. It's been a while since I've seen you, huh?"

Winston blinked again, "Uh... Yeah. Yeah, it's been a while. How are you, Austin?"

Austin shrugged, shoulders broad and handsome in his clean suit, "You know, university. Kinda stressful, but I manage." He tilted his head and examined his younger brother from head to toe, before a cheery smile reappeared on his face, "You look good."

Winston couldn't stop the snicker that escaped his lips. His brother was just exaggerating to make him feel better. Had it came from someone else, Winston would've taken great pleasure in punching them. But for some reason, it warmed his heart instead. He tilted his head, mirroring his brother's earlier expression.

He hadn't seen him in at least two years since he entered college, but he hadn't changed at all. Austin's fine, dark hair, which greatly contrasted his own light hair, was combed neatly to the back of his head. He still had the same fair skin and elegant facial features, with broad shoulders and a muscular build, making him taller than Winston by at least three inches. His brother truly did win the genetic lottery. Suddenly, as he recognized his brother's good looks, Winston suddenly felt an immense sense of pride; a rarity. People were always talking about how handsome Austin was. But they also said Winston had an uncanny resemblance to his older brother. He smiled silently to himself.

"What's so funny? Do I look different?"

Winston shook his head, an amused grin still playing at his lips, "You look the same. More so than I would've thought. Just more... high-class, with a suit and all."

Austin uttered a sound of acknowledgment, "So, um… I'm here just to visit Mom for about a week. Wanna go out and eat lunch together? I miss this place."

Winston's eyebrows knitted tightly together, "Uh..."

"Without Mom," Austin quickly added, taking in his moment of hesitation. His professional, handsome posture sagged a bit, green eyes softening with uncertainty.

"Of course, that'd be nice." Winston gazed into his brother's eyes for a moment, realizing how alike, yet different they were from his own. "Yeah, let's go."

Austin gave a small smile, before heading towards the door. An old woman and a little child were walking in through the door at the same time, so Austin politely held the door for them.

"Thank you, dearie," the old woman said, as the little girl ran into the store.

"You're very welcome, miss," Austin replied sweetly, a genuine smile spreading across his face.

Wow. No wonder he was always the favorite child. Winston sniggered again at the memory of his mother yelling at him for not being quite as good at everything the way his big brother was.

Austin looked at him with a raised eyebrow, but Winston just brushed it off.

By the time they had driven to the nearby restaurant in Austin's new car, the clock had struck 12:45. Winston slid into the booth in the far corner, away from people's attention. Austin followed him later, after holding the door for a married couple. Man, why did he have to be such a gentleman? Winston's fist curled in frustration, before his older brother slid into the seat opposite of him.

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