⚫Chapter 31⚫

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"We've got two big rooms just for necessities. Everything you need will be in here," Mateo exclaimed as he showed us the hallway which held the two rooms. "The first one is for women and the second is for men. Nailah will show you guys inside. She should be here soon," he exclaimed.

"I have a feeling she doesn't really like me," I whispered to Mateo.

"Ah, I see. Well, she doesn't really like anyone except for Sebastian." Yeah, I figured.

"Uh, where's Sebastian's mate?" I asked him out of curiosity.

"It's all very complicated. He hasn't found his mate yet," Mateo said. "Look there's Nailah," Mateo exclaimed. "I'll catch you guys later."

"Did he just say Sebastian hasn't found his mate yet?" Neha asked me. "Yeah..." I responded. That was strange. I thought these Alpha's were supposed to know their mate from young or something. That made me even more curious. How old was Sebastian?

"Sorry, girls. I just got a bit distracted," she said while fixing her shirt. A hickey was evident on her neck.

I looked at my friends to see they all had on the exact same facial expression. Confusion.

"Let's take a look inside, shall we?"

We all watched her insert a key into the keyhole before opening the door.

"This is it. Our own little supply room."

It was big. Humongous. It was the size of a school gym but even bigger. I saw towers of towels stacked up against the walls. Closets that held lots of clothing. I saw lots of toilet paper, pads, tampons, toothbrushes, and more.

"Woah..." Indigo exclaimed in awe. I noticed a couple of girls lingering in the room collecting supplies.

"Go ahead. There are baskets in the corner right there, just stock up on stuff you need."

I smiled at Nailah before saying thank you. She gave me a little smile before leaving us all alone.

"This is great!" Neha shouted. The girls disappeared immediately leaving Saphira and me standing there still in awe. "Where do you think they get all this stuff from?" she asked me as we began to walk around after collecting our own baskets.

"Probably from earth," I responded. I noticed a couple of brands that I was familiar with. They probably had a trusted pack on earth that sent them their supplies and stuff.

"Oooh, I definitely need to stock up on condoms," Saphira exclaimed before placing two boxes of condoms into her basket. "Do you want one?" she asked me.

"Haha," I nervously laughed as I shook my head. "No thanks."

I walked away from Saphira moving towards the hair accessories. I noticed that a couple of girls were already there. As soon as they saw me, they immediately gave me a dirty look. "Is she the Vampire?" whispered the brunette. "Yeah, I mean she smells like one," responded the chubby one.

"So have you killed anyone before? You know, drained all the blood out of their body until they were completely lifeless? Are you not a blood-sucking monster?" the queen bee out of the five girls asked me as she took a step closer.

"No, I have not. I'm not like that," I responded sternly. I continued admiring the hair accessories trying my best to ignore them.

"So you're not dangerous?" she asked. I turned my head slowly to look at her trying to understand why she was still speaking to me. "No. Why would I be dangerous?"

She laughed before opening her mouth to speak. "I don't know? You tell me."

I rolled my eyes before walking away from the girls. "Don't walk away from me. I'm not done speaking to you," I heard the girl say. As soon as I felt her hand touch my arm, I turned around fast and shoved her away from me. Her friends caught her just in time before she could even hit the ground. "Ugh!" she grunted in shock.

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