Always Outrunning Life

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"Maddie come on the guard is distracted we have to do this now."

"Not really feeling it today Rosalie."

"Okay what's going on with you, you've never acted this way before."

"Maybe I'm just done with the whole stealing food thing. They're going to find us you know and when they do we'll both be floated."

"Oh relax nobody is gonna find us. Anyway don't you kinda have to do this considering your father will literally beat you to a pulp if you show up empty handed?"

I stand up and stare deep into her chocolate brown eyes.

"Maybe but that's a risk I'm willing to take. Get your own damn food Rosalie."


I wake up, same as usual, soaked through my thin, white t-shirt. However this time it was different. My shirt wasn't just soaked, it was drenched. That's when I realized my hair was soaking wet and my black combat boots had disappeared.

I put my hands down under me but they got swallowed up by a huge puddle and then buried in, what felt like sand. Was I still dreaming?

There was no light, no sound, and no sign of anything living.

I get to my feet, causing the water to splash beneath me. I take a step forward and then another, and one more until I come into contact with a wall. I turn on my heels, walking in the opposite direction but only encountering the same thing. I try going left, and then right or was it right then left? It didn't matter. All that did matter was that I was trapped, with no where to go and no means of escape.

"HELP ME!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

I feel around frantically once again at the walls that surrounded me. They weren't just any normal walls; they were made of dirt.

I was buried underground. I began to hyperventilate, losing any senses that I still had with me.

"S-some-body" my voice was nothing but a tiny whisper.

My mind was blanking and my consciousnesses was fading in and out to add to the already frantic situation.

"No no no." I couldn't let this happen. "SOMEBODY HELP!"

I found my voice again, pushing through the emptiness in my stomach and the throbbing pain in my forehead from whoever or whatever had knocked me out to put me down here. Wherever here was.

"PLEASE! I'M DOWN HERE!" I was screaming, hoping somebody could hear me, but I was afraid nobody could.

I slid down the nearest wall, holding tight onto my heavy chest. I couldn't breathe. My breaths were picking up pace once again, causing me to sink down into the world of dizziness. There was no escape and nobody was coming to save me. My mind was convinced and my body functions shut down, putting me back into the peaceful state of sleep.


"Maddie we have to!" Rosalie pulls me to my feet.

"What'd you do now!?" I ask, not knowing if I even wanted to know.

"Just keep running!" She exclaims, panic embedded in her tone.

I clung tight onto her hand as we sprinted through the halls of the ark. We continued running until we spotted a group of guards huddled together and talking. At that moment, we sharply veered left, reaching a dead end so we slipped into the closest door in that hallway.

"Here use these boxes to barricade the doors." Rosalie grabs one from the corner of what looked like a storage closet.

"Would you like to inform me on what's going on?"

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