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I told yall that i was getting an break, didnt?

Lol im sorry

Its 23:42, im tired, cant sleep, i have exam tommorow and im jus a mess

So im gonna do this now, and i just read a sINESTED laflams fic ever

But a n y w a y s

I got idea of elams before and i imagined yandere alex and yandere eliza over john and uhh i wanna make this into a fic-

Probably will-

Ok enjoy also roleplay sex thing-

Ok bye



It was somewhere around midnight when John had decided to have a glass of water.

He didn't bothered to open lights, cuz he just woke up and probably would get blind.

As he was sipping, he heard a weird sound, which is weird, cuz he lives alone.

He put the glass on counter, shrugged and went back to sleep, figuring it was cat.

Then he stopped, dead in tracks.

He doesn't have a cat.

Then he heard loud thud in bedroom floor, and curiusity won him all over.

He took a pan, in case (cuz u gotta be badass like Rapunzel lmao)

His footsteps croaked on steps as he was walking slowly, upstairs.

Then he stopped dead in tracks, when he saw a figure which was digging into his plastic wrapers, which he kept in closet as extra clothes in case if weather get too cold or hot.

(I am poor, i kno, i actually do that lmao)

His breaths were shallow, his eyes widen, his handy sweaty as he tried to not drop a pan and his heartbeat was going on 3 mil on hour.

The intruder must have noticed him, it had weird googles, gloves which were half of the finger and beanie, wore turtleneck.

As if he snap out of his character, he knew it  was  Alexander.

Cuz he loves turtlenecks, beanies, weird creepypasta cosplay stuff.

He went back into his character as he felt someone behind him, wrapped him tight as he tried to squirm and wiggle away.


Laf put his hand on John's mouth in case if he starts screaming as he picks him up.

His other hand was on his torso keeping his arms together with pan firmly, and with other he kept John silence as he tried to kick but alas, helpless.

John stilled himself when he heard Lafayette voice.

"Stop fucking moving, or I will kill you."

As if they are in roleplay, his voice was more dominanting, more dangerous.

And that turned John on.

John sniffled and nodded his head silently as he fake cried.

"Good boy..." Laf muttered.

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