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Rebecca's pov

Day 5

So, I came up with another plan, but this wasn't really a plan, this was just a try out, I really don't expect Emeliano to just open up to me because I asked politely, but it was worth the shot- if being civilized doesn't work, I'll have to go full psycho.

Without knocking, I proceeded into his study, he didn't notice me at first cause his eyes were pinned to his laptop, working. Seriously, is there a time this guy doesn't work? Does he even know the meaning of break? I guess not.

He raised his head when I cleared my dry throat to get his attention, a frown made its way to his brows.

"Just turn around, go.. get out... Now." He said, I could sense the tiredness in his voice but his frown was really bursting holes into my reserve.

"Please Emeliano, just hear me out-"

"I don't want to hear you out- just go, this time I'm begging you, please go... I'm really busy and I have work to finish."

"I know, it's obvious... I want to sign a peace treaty... Even though I hate you and you obviously hate me, and this study room doesn't hold nice memories for the both of us, I just really want us to live in peace." I lied through my teeth, watching the way his eyes studied me like a lie detector.

He ran his hands through his face in tiredness, as he relax back on his chair, throwing his head back and murmuring words I couldn't make out... He had this look of frustration on his face and it was obvious that he lacked sleep.

"What do you want, Rebecca." He asked without much strength.

I moved closer, sitting on the chair opposite him, the big table was the only thing separating us. "I want us to behave like civilized adults.. and solve our problems through talking-"

"I don't have problems," he raised his head and frowned. "And I can't remember asking you to seat or come in- did you even knock."

"And you're just realizing that now?" I asked him. Well, he seemed to have been sucked inside his work.

He raked his hands through his already messy hair. His hair had some strands sticking out in odd manners that made him look stupid, hot and cute...

"Just tell me what you want, then leave." He said.

"Fine.. I need you to tell me something, anything about you and Marcos and that woman you seem to care about, I need to know if this has anything to do with me and I also need to know the reason why you choose to take me hostage for something I know nothing about."

He just stared at me.

"Look, I know you told me not to ask questions and all that- I just don't believe anything you told me... I know deep down that I'm here for something else... I know I'm important to whatever this is... Just tell me something that would ease my curiosity. Please."

He continued to stare at me with this blank look, I couldn't figure out what was going on in that business brain of his.. I really needed to know what he was thinking.

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