His eyes moved to my lips in just a moment before he looked away with a sigh then he rubbed his tired eyes like a child fighting off sleep.

"Marcos and I," he started, but then he paused, after some few seconds, he continued. "Marcos and I are step brothers... That's all I can tell you."


I gave him a blank look, trying to fight off a glare. "Can you please tell me something I don't know?" I said.

He chuckled... He friggin chuckled and it was beautiful. "I was just kidding... I don't know where to start from."

"You can always start from the end." I gave him a cute smile.

"OK, I kidnapped you and now we're talking like civilized adults." He said.

I rolled my eyes. "That's not what I meant."

"That's not what I meant." He repeated.

"Why are you repeating after me?"

"Why are you repeating after me." He repeated, a smirk played it's way to his lips.

"Seriously, stop it." I glared.

"Seriously, stop it."

"Emeliano stop it!" I said with a frown.

"Emeliano stop it." He repeated.

"You're such a kid!"

"You're such a kid." He repeated again. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

"No, you're the one repeating after me."

"No, you're the one repeating after me."

"You're a goat."

"You're a goat." he repeated.

"I'm a coward." I said.

"I'm not a coward- nice try." He smirked.

I sighed. "Seriously Emeliano, we're supposed to be acting like civilized adults here... Come on..."

"Fine... Can't a man play?" He mumbled. "Okay, jokes over... Now you can leave."

"No... I'm not leaving until you tell me something, I took my time, lowered my pride and came to talk to you... The least you can do is to respect that and not act like a five freaking year old."

He shut his laptop and glued his eyes to mine. "Marcos and I, hate each other- he blames me for our fathers death, simply because I refused to come to the hospital to see my sick father, together with him."

"Why didn't you go?"

"Because I hated my father and his so called new family. My father was dead to me the moment he brought another woman to the house as his wife. when my father died, Marcos stopped answering his last name, he answered his mother's name, Schmitt."

Why the hell does that name sound familiar?

I sighed. "So, that's why you hate Marcos?"


"How about that woman? The one that you were talking about with Piper? Is she my sister? Is she April?"

His jaw clenched. "No, she's not April."

"Stop lying to me... I know it's her... She's April."

"She's not."

"Why don't you want to tell me that she's April?"

"Well I guess that is actually because she's not April... It's true that I was- in love with someone- she betrayed me... But it's not April."

"Then who is she." I asked.

"I can't tell you." He said with a frown.

I studied him. "Are you in love with Marcos's wife?" I asked him.

He did not reply at the moment, he took his time before saying, "No. I'm not in love with her."

I straightened up. "Were you?"

"You're definitely interrogating me right now? What are you, a Detective?"

"No... I'm just a simple church girl seeking for answers."

He sighed... "I'm done answering questions detective, I'm tired."

"Okay, one last question."

"Fine... Anything for you to leave me the hell alone."

"Does your hatred for Marcos have anything to do with me? Is there another reason why I'm here?"

"That's two questions." He said.

"Just answer them."

His eyes met mine, making my heart jump like a mad kangaroo.

A moment passed, then another and then another and then three more another's after this one.

"Yes... There's another reason why you're here... It has everything to do with your family and since it's your family, then- it has everything to do with you."

I breath out in relief.

That was actually all I needed to hear... Now I'm certain that Marcos got married to April and April is the woman Emeliano loves...

But this comes with new questions.

Why the hell is Emeliano hell bent on convincing me that she isn't April? What did my father do to Emeliano to make him this angry at my family? What did April do to Emeliano to make him want to take revenge by holding me hostage? Is the woman really April? Is Marcos a good person? Is Marcos initially the guy who April loved? Why does Marcos last name sound familiar? How the hell am I supposed to get answers to these questions?



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