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Rebecca's pov

   Seeing Diego here wasn't really much of a surprise because two years ago, his parents had asked him to return back to Orlando.

Diego and I were really close during college, we were like best friends, but we lost contact when his parents decided to drag him back to Orlando to take over the family business.

"I can not believe this... You are the Rebecca? Like- Camilla's-"

"Diego!” Emeliano stopped him from saying whatever he wanted to say.

"Oops." Diego let out...

    "What the hell is going on?" Emeliano asked, looking from me to Diego before his eyes came down on me again, and this time, his glare was very obvious. "How the hell did you manage to leave the house, in fact- Don't answer that." Emeliano said, charging towards me and grabbing my arm from Diego's hold.

Diego only Smirked at him. "Chill dude... We're just friends... No need to get too jealous.."

"Oh, I'm far from jealous right now." Emeliano seethed out.

"Let me guess, you're angry?" I suggested.

"Shut the fuck up." Emeliano yelled. "How the hell do you two know each other?"

"We were college best friends with Benefits?" Diego joked but Emeliano didn't take it as one.

"Excuse me?" Emeliano asked.

"He's just joking, we were close friends in college, that's all... And even if we were to be friends with Benefits, how does it affect you?" I asked him with a look of challenge, dancing in my eyes.

He couldn't reply, all he did was let go of my arm and moved back to his table.

I rubbed my arm.

"Did you see my girlfriend?" Diego asked.

"Yes... Piper, she's really nice... Unlike some people who like to grab arms and yell like they have all the time in the world." I looked over at Emeliano's direction to see him shooting glares at me.

The tension in the office was getting high by the second.

"I think I left something with Piper outside... I'll go get it... And I'll see you later." Diego grinned.

"What? No, you're not going anywhere." Emeliano said.

Diego gave him a strange look. "I remember you telling me that you have so much work and I was a distraction, why do you want me to stay?"

"Diego, I'll catch up with you later." I said to him, giving him a look that said 'go'

"Sure... See ya." Diego made his way out of the office, leaving Emeliano and I in the tension filled office, not before hugging my bones out of me.

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