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Rebecca's pov

   Day 4

He didn't return to the room last night.

I won't lie to you, I was disappointed, I really wanted to see his reaction to what I said to him... I really wanted to know if there was a little bit of human blood running through his veins.

   Last night was different from every other nights I've spent here.

I couldn't sleep, all I could think about was Emeliano. I wanted to know the reason why he reacted like that towards me, I was pretty sure Something else was wrong with him.

There's something I don't know.

  This hatred between him and Marcos was more than just their parents mistake, there was something else attached to it and I have a feeling that it had to do with the woman Marcos got married to.

They might be in love with one woman, right? I mean, what could make two men be at each other's throats?

And the other day in Emeliano's office, they were talking about this her... Could it be Marcos's wife?

Could Emeliano be in love with his brother's wife? Or is there something more to it?

   I have so many unanswered questions, I need to break this puzzle because I'm certain that It has something to do with me. Although, Emeliano said I wasn't the Rebecca he was talking about, but that was an obvious lie... I remember Piper saying that I was prettier than this Her lady.

But who could she be?

If she was Marco's wife, why the hell did Marcos say that we were so alike in many ways? Why did Piper compare me to her? How the hell are two strangers supposed to have the same similarities?

Except she wasn't a stranger?

Could she be family? Oh my god...

I stood up from the kitchen stool where I was sitting earlier, as I paced back and forth.

Could she be April? Of course it's April... Why didn't I think of this?

I came here to attend April's wedding, she might think that I didn't accept her request, so she went ahead and married Marcos... But April's wedding is supposed to be some days from now, why did she rush it?

Something is definitely not right here and that is exactly why I must find a way to get to Emeliano's office, I have every right to know the truth... If this is about April, I need to know what the problem really is.

  "You seem to be in deep thoughts, Miss Becca, everything okay?" Pablo asked, as his slightly wrinkled eyes scanned me in worry...

  Maybe I could ask for his help, he seems to know this mansion to hell and back, he should be able to help me leave. Right?

"Actually, there's a problem." I said.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Pablo asked me.

"Yes...Um.. I really need to see Emeliano, is there a way out of here? Or any guard you could at least talk to?"

He looked quite worried for a while and I knew exactly what he was thinking. "It's not possible, Miss Becca... If we help you escape, we could lose our job here and it's all we have..."

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