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Emeliano's pov

     I can't think straight.

My thoughts were all over the place as I stared at the door to my study. There was no tangible explanation to give on why I said those awful things to Rebecca. None.

But I was quite sure of what I was feeling right now, guilt...

Why did her last words affect me so much?

What the hell is wrong with me? Why don't I think before saying something? Was it because I was in a bad mood? Or was it because I enjoyed our intimate session more than I expected to.

  I kissed her again, and to my surprise, it was far more better than the first one, the way my chest reacted to it was totally different from anything I've felt before.

I didn't want to stop, it was like I was being drugged.

And that is not good. That is not a good feeling at all, I shouldn't be feeling this for Rebecca, there's only one person I should have these feelings for. I've vowed to love her and only her, I've vowed to never ever let myself feel sexually attracted to any other woman.

So why the hell do i feel like I need to apologise to Rebecca again, to tell her that I didn't mean anything I said to her? Why? Why do I feel like turning the hands of time and reverse every word I said to her?

I raked my hands through my hair in frustration...

"This is not good." I muttered.

I should hate everyone from that family, I should be doing more than just insulting and touching Rebecca! So why the hell am I stalling?

   There was something different about Rebecca, something promising, if I didn't know better, I would have thought she was different from every member of that evil family.

But she seems different, she seems too innocent to be capable of doing anything to hurt anyone.

Of course she was stubborn, different from all other innocent church girls out there. But still...

  I have to step up on my game, I wouldn't want to fall into the trap I layed for Her and her family.

I can't kiss her again, if I do, then I'm afraid I wouldn't stop, she was just so perfect in my arms, it was like she was molded to fit my arms, unlike her.

Wait a second... Did I just compare Rebecca to her?

Oh, this is not good.

At all.

Moving to my table, I picked up my phone and dialed Piper's number.

I needed an advice and I was pretty sure she'd be able to tell me what to freaking do.

She picked up on the third ring. "Emeliano? Why are you calling at this hour?"  She asked.

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