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BEWARE! MATURE CONTENTS AHEAD! If you're not comfortable with this chapter, just uh- ya know, scroll on... But If you are?

You may continue...

Rebecca's pov

    My eyes were dead set on his, trying to make sure he said what I thought he said. My mouth grew dry when he didn't flinch or laugh, not like he ever would.

Gulping down, I licked my dried lips and watched as his eyes traced my actions, before he looked back up at me, and pulled away, folding his arms and watching me.

"I'm waiting." He said.

"You're waiting for what?” I asked him with disbelief gracing my words and my face.

He scoffed. "This only proves that we have something in common, I'm deaf and you're dense. But anyway, I'll repeat myself. I asked you to-"

"Don't say it! I can't do it! You can tell me to do anything, but that- that I won't do."

He cocked his left brow in amusement. "You can't even say the word. Why? Is that how innocent you think you are?" He took a step closer, too bad I couldn't move back cause I was against his table. "You can't tell me you haven't touched yourself before? Come on, stop fooling yourself thinking you're fooling me."

Is it that hard to believe? I haven't done it before and I don't plan on doing it now till I get married or I don't know, engaged... Does that make sense?

He took another step closer, and all I could do was grip the table behind me.

Okay, maybe I had always wanted to know how if felt, but something stopped me everything time I tried to touch Myself! Ewww... Just ewww... Thinking about it was cringy, talk less about saying it and worse, doing it.

"Wait, are you serious? Like, never ever? Not even once? Did Mason ever-"

"No! Mason never touched me... And I never touched myself... God!"

He scrunched his brows looking like he was counting something, "Okay, let me get this straight, you're a lady, almost twenty two, and you mean to tell me you haven't-”

"I haven't, turns out not every lady is eager to explore her body."

He smirked. "I have to say, I'm surprised... I mean... Wow..."

"Stop saying that like it's a bad thing and I'm not doing it anytime from now, so, get your mind off that thought."

"That's where you're wrong," We were really close now. "But- haven't you wished for someone to touch you like that? For someone to make you," I felt his hands on my waist as he bent to whisper the last words in my ears. "Feel sexually good... Satisfied?"

"No, I've not."

"Liar.” he murmured.

My breathing became uneven as his hot breath fanned against my neck which actually made my body hot and good.

"I can't do it, Emeliano." I didn't recognize my own voice.

"That's not a problem, I can teach you." He said.

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