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Rebecca's pov

Day 3

  His soft plump lips trailed kisses down my neck to my collar bone, I moaned with pleasure as his fingers traced my skin, causing goosebumps to rise all over my body.

This was what I'd longed for, the feeling of intimate pleasure- body touching body and hearts beating as one.

He raised his head up to kiss my swollen lips, I smiled into the kiss as I sink my fingers into his full black hair, his hair was really soft, just like I'd imagined it to be.

He sucked on my neck and I was pretty sure to get hickeys the next morning. This was the life, the life I'd always wanted to have with him, my Mason.

"Oh Mason." I whispered into his ears.

I felt his body stiffen when I called the name, he looked up at me and I opened my eyes, wanting to ask him why he stopped, only it wasn't Mason on top of me, it was Emeliano! Emeliano?! "Ahhhhhhhh." I screamed.

     I felt the beads of sweat run down my forehead as I jumped upright in bed, my breathing was harsh as I tried to wrap my head around the crazy dream I had.

Seriously? Wet dreams now?

I looked over at the bedside clock, it was eight fifty two am, how did I sleep for so long?

Emeliano's room was quiet so was the whole environment, it only made me wonder why someone would choose to live in an area where few people occupied. But yet again, this place was like a castle.

  Without further ado, I quickly took my bath and put on decent clothes before I went downstairs.

I hadn't fully gotten the chance to explore this mansion and i know that I won't because there were guards planted at every corners of the mansion.

Guards with unfriendly eyes.

Making my way to the kitchen, I found Greta, preparing to set the table.

"Morning Greta." I greeted with a smile. Greta raised her head and smiled at me.

"Morning Miss Rebecca."

"I told you I preferred Becca." I said to her, helping her set the table.

"It doesn't sound right, and Sir Emeliano wouldn't like that." Greta said.

"When has sir Emeliano ever liked anything?" Another voice chipped in, I turned to find a girl that looked just like Greta but a little bit younger than her, she was also wearing the work uniform.

"Quiet Reign." Greta warned her.

I only smiled and looked at Reign. "Hi, I'm Becca." I said.

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