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                Whoever said planning a wedding was easy was lying off of their ass. There was so much to think about like the dresses, your wedding colors, who to invite, finding your dress and where in the world you are going to get married at. Ashley and I decided that we wanted to get married in a place that overlooked the ocean and have an outdoor wedding.  “Stella when do you want to get married?” Ashley asked me. “How about we get married in March? So it’s nice and sunny and gorgeous?” I suggested. “Sounds like a good idea so it can give me more time to make everything perfect for you.” Ashley agreed. “Babe you don’t have to do a whole lot, just find the perfect venue, help me with the cake and guest list, and get you and the guys’ suits. I can do the other stuff oh and work on your vows.” I said as I was making a list. “Ok sounds good I can do that. I’ll call the guys and we can get started right away.” He said taking out his phone to call the guys.

                After they came over, I noticed that there was a girl standing next to Jinxx.  She looked familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on where I knew her from. “Oh Jinxx who’s this?”  I asked him. “ This is my girlfriend Sammi Doll. Sammi this is Stella, Ashley’s fiancée.” Jinxx said introducing us. “Wait you’re Stella James right?” Sammi asked me.  “Yeah how did you know that?” I asked her. “It’s me Sammi! We went to high school together!” she said smiling at me. “Oh my god!!! I knew I recognized you from somewhere!! How have you been?!” I asked giving her a hug. “I have been good. Hey Becca I haven’t seen you in so long either! “Sammi said hugging Becca too. “ Oh I know! The three amigos are back together!” Becca said giggling.  When the guys left, it was time to get down to business. “Ok so first off what are Ashley and yours wedding colors?” Becca asked me. “Well we decided it was going to be black and white. “ I responded.  “Ok and how many bridesmaids are you having?” Sammi asked me. “Well it was just gonna be Becca, Meaghan and Jake’s new girlfriend Ella but since you’re here now Sammi, I want you to be a bridesmaid too.” I said smiling at her. “Aw Stella I would be honored.” She said hugging me. “And who is going to be your maid of honor?” Meaghan asked me. “Well I think Becca should be my maid of honor since she has done so much for me after the thing that happened to my parents.” I said looking at Becca. “Aw Stella you’re gonna make me cry. I would love to be your maid of honor.” Becca said smiling at me. “Ok now that’s out of the way, let’s go get the dresses. I’ll text Ella to meet us at the dress shop so she can get fitted for hers.” I said getting up.

                A few moments later, we arrived at the dress shop to get the bridesmaid dresses and to get my wedding dress. I really wanted one of the Disney princesses wedding dresses that I have seen online and I was hoping to get one. We have tried so many dresses, but none of them looked good on the girls until we found the perfect dress. It was a black, strapless mermaid style dress with a white sash around the waist.  The girls looked amazing in them and now it was time to find my wedding dress. “So what kind of dress are you looking for?” the saleslady asked me. “Well I have seen these Disney princess wedding dresses online and they are so beautiful, and I was wondering if you have any in stock.” I replied. “Why yes we do. Follow me.” She said leading me to the back. I tried on the dress that was made after Belle, but it didn’t look good on me. I then tried on the Cinderella one, but it didn’t feel right. Finally I tried on the Ariel one, I knew at that moment, it was the perfect dress for me. “Oh my god this is perfect. This is my wedding dress.” I said tearing up. “Stella everything ok in there?” Sammi asked me. “Yeah I found the perfect dress.” I replied. “Well let’s see it!” she exclaimed. I walked out, and the girls couldn’t believe their eyes. “Wow Stella you look beautiful. Ashley is gonna die when he sees you in this dress.” Ella said smiling. “I know. It’s one of the Disney princesses wedding dresses. Do you know who this dress is inspired by?” I asked the girls. “Ariel! I mean it is mermaid style and the designs on the top looks like seashells.” Meaghan said getting a closer look at the dress. 

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