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Welcome to my new story. Chanbaek centric.

I will introduce past Baekhyun and we will start with when Chanyeol and Baekhyun start hanging out and Chanyeol helps Baekhyun train and stuff as a flash back in the first chapter.

Byun Baekhyun

Last year

Push over
Sweet and innocent
Easy to pick on
Not that good of a body
Wore bright colors and skirts with glasses
Walked to school. Didn't want everyone to know he was rich.

Byun Baekhyun now

Sweet and sassy
Don't mess with him
Sexy af
Beautiful eyes
Talented dancer
Has a black and pink audi most of the time
Dating one of the most wanted guys in school. Park chanyeol.
Rich af. Like real rich. But only chanyeol and Luhan know.
Hurt. He changed but that doesn't mean he forgot all of the things that were said and done to him.

Park chanyeol

Bad boy type but is actually a sweetheart
Sweet and kind never bullies
Tall and handsome
Talented dancer and athlete
Has a black motorcycle
Dating his long term crush. Who used to be a nerd but is now one of the most wanted in the school.

Oh Sehun

Was one of Baekhyuns main bullies
Park chanyeols friend (somehow)
Tall and handsome
Talented dancer and athlete
Great body
One of the most wanted guys
Dating Luhan. Baekhyuns best friend. Which he did not know about.
Is starting to be less of an asshole

Lu Han

Baekhyuns childhood best friend.
Sweet and sassy.
Talented dancer.
Very nice body.
Dating Sehun. Whom he is trying to make less of an asshole.

Kim Jongin (Kai)

Looks like a total bad boy when he dances.
Is an actual softy.
The sweetest person you'll ever meet.
Has a killer body. Likes cto wear crop tops and tight jeans or shorts to show off his nice body
Did we mention the cutest bean ever?
Dance machine.
Can be sexy af.
Small bean (I'm making him a little bit shorter in this)
Luhan and Baekhyuns friend.
Dating satansoo. Who is only really nice to him. No one really knows how that couple works but it does.

Do Kyungsoo

People think he's scary.
Is actually really nice to his friends (sometimes)
Totally whipped for Kai.
Loves his baby to pieces.
Talented dancer and has a voice of an angel.
Dating the dance machine.
No one knows how he's dating Kai but the relationship just works and is cute af.

(Im making Kyungsoo tall for story purposes okay? Don't attack me please)

Kim jun myeon (suho)

Tries to control the giant group of children.
Rich af
Talented af.
Sexy af.
I mean daddy suho
Dating Lay. Another one of the dance machines.

Zhang Yixing (Lay)

Seems like a bad boy but is a total baby boy.
Dance machine
Cutest bean.
Sexy af when dancing.
Suhos weakness.
Spoiled by suho.
Obviously dating suho.

Wu Yifan (Kris)

Also tries to control the wild group.
Daddy af
Talented af
Hot af
Sexy af
Dating a panda.

Huang Zitao (Tao)

Gucci king.
Kung fu master.
A brat 90% of the time
Can be sweet.
Dating daddy kris.

Kim jongdae (Chen)

Voice of a fricken angel.
Hits them high notes all the time (wink wink)
Also rich.
Cute af.
Like who allowed
Dating the oldest member of their friend group.

Kim minseok (Xuimin)

Unexpected body of a god.
Looks like a small innocent bean.
Isn't a small innocent bean.
Sexy af.
The oldest of the group.
Rich rich
Dance king.
Dating Chen.

Everyone of them comes from wealthy families. Baekhyun is really wealthy he just doesn't tell anyone.

Okay so the first chapter is going to be a flash back of the year before where Baekhyun was bullied and stuff and then the summer. Then chapter 2 will start with the first day of school. -B

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