what they do for your birthday

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-He took you to Disneyland

-he made sure you ride every ride and met as many characters as possible

-you got to be all childish and spent waayyyy too much money at the gift shops

-before you left y'all watched the fireworks together

-He threw you a surprise party

-he made you spend the entire day with your best friend up until it was time for the party

-you cried

-it was the sweetest thing ever, it will not be forgotten

-your birthday fell on the night of an award show so y'all made the most of it

-he made sure to treat you like the queen you are allllll day and night

-he would send you little sweet things before he met up with you

-you ended up winning two awards!!

-Wyatt took you to all of your favorite places

-you felt so spoiled, sis no budget

-afterward he brought you back home and he gave you his last gift

-it was a god damn puppy 🤧

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