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        "DID I DO IT?" Nala asked Derek as the duo stood out in the woods, "Is it gone?"

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        "DID I DO IT?" Nala asked Derek as the duo stood out in the woods, "Is it gone?"

        Derek grinned at his best friend, seeing that she was finally back to her regular, human self, "It's gone." Nala squealed, jumping into Derek's arms and wrapping him in an embrace.

        "Well that's beautiful and all, but I need to have a talk with you, Nala." Peter stepped out from the woods, Nala taking a protective stance, just in case she had to fight.

         "I don't want anything to do with you, Peter." The girl snarled, causing Peter to hold up his hands in false surrender, chuckling.

         "How about this; you listen to me, and I tell you what's going on with you." Nala immediately relaxed her body at Peter's words, taking a cautious step towards him, looking back at Derek, who nodded gently at the girl.

        "Fine. What the hell is going on?"

        According to legend, Il Diavolo is a malevolent spirit that feasts on the pain and suffering of others. In real life, though, Il Diavolo is something much different.

        Although it stemmed from one entity, Diavolo is not a singular creature. Becoming a Diavolo is strictly a hereditary trait; it can only be passed down through generations. Diavolo are not, and never have been creatures of evil or hatred, they are creatures of protection. They will find their group, their flock, their pack, and they will do whatever they can to protect that group when they are in danger. However, a Diavolo will only unlock its full potential after they take a life. If they have not killed, their powers are practically dormant compared to what they are after they have killed. They will still have the physical aspects of a Diavolo; horns, claws, fangs, black eyes, but they will not be able to use many of the other abilities that Diavolo possess, such as telekinesis, healing others, and in some extreme cases, bringing one back from the dead, however, usually at the cost of the Diavolo's own life.

Nala sat down, processing the information that Peter had told her. The knowledge that she had been looking for her entire life. The things she was too scared to ask Sofia about in case she didn't know. But now she did. Sofia had kept all this from her, kept Nala's entire identity a secret, something that she was bound to find out anyway.

And she had found out the truth too late. She killed someone, she took a life. There was no going back from that for a Diavolo, there was nothing she could do now.

        "So what's stopping me from killing you right here, right now? From what you've told me, I could." Nala looked up at Peter, who simply sighed at the girl.

        "You won't kill me because you don't know how. You're so powerful at such a young age, you can't control yourself. I can help you, if you join Derek and I." Peter crouched down to meet Nala's eyes, the girl mulling over her options. She would always stay with Derek, they were practically inseparable. But Peter was a literal murderous psychopath. Although, it's not like there was anyone more qualified than Peter in Beacon Hills to help her.

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