Shota enjoyed his coffee, he didn't want to leave the quite of his home in exchange for a classroom full of rowdy obnoxious soon to be heroes. Only when he complains to (Name) she chuckles and brushes it off saying that they are just being themselves. 

They relaxed in this content moment of domestic nature. A couple of (Name's) hairs had fallen from her bun and rested around the nape of her neck. 

He couldn't have asked for a better life really. His wife was the most important thing and he made sure that only a few people knew about her, not even all of the teachers at work knew of her existence. Of course she has a quirk, but didn't wish to become a hero. 

(Name) wanted a calm life, but worked at a local pet shelter and volunteered at a hospital nearby, part time. She often came home covered in animal hair and smelling like cleaning alcohol. 

She came home late sometimes, but mostly sat up waiting for Shota to come home, no matter how many times he insisted on her not waiting. (Name) claimed that she couldn't sleep without him. Which was true. She had spent so many nights with him next to her, keeping her warm and close to his body.

(Name) missed him during the day, she worried for him if he was resting or overworking himself. She had nearly broken when she heard what had happened at the USJ. She willed herself to stay calm, for his sake. 

She didn't want to seem weak, she wanted to be there for him. (Name) found herself laying awake at night, trying to make sure he was still breathing. 

She often loved to visit his students, telling stories about their teacher that made their heads spin with laughter. Their teacher would only hide in his scarf and mumble. Although they could tell he loved his wife very much, more than anything really. 

At first they were all shocked, Mr. Aizawa didn't seem like the type to live with anyone. Or to even have a family or girlfriend. They assume he spent his free time sleeping and fighting villains, which was true except for when Yamada and Nemuri would drag him out for drinks. 

"I forgot to mention that I have a doctors appointment today." (Name) mentions while Shota begins to dress for work. His muscles strained when he pulled on his hero costume, they were sore. 

He gave (Name) a hmm when she handed him his goggles. "You would tell me if it was important." he didn't feel the need to pry. 

She gave him a knowing look, if it was life or death he would freak out and ask to go with her. 

"Just a check up." she claims. 

He had situated his costume and made sure he had all of his papers and his sleeping bag. He left the bedroom and met (Name) in the kitchen. She had settled herself on the counter and was enjoying a carton of ice cream. 

Shota eyed her, knowing she had just eaten breakfast. "Really?" 

She giggled and hopped off the counter, placing her carton down. "Don't question me, I have a free day." 

She placed her hands in his and squeezed. The feeling of his ring was gone, but it didn't alarm her. She took in the scruff on his face, and the tired droop in his eyes. She felt bad. 

"Since I know your going to get a nap today at some point in class,  I think I'll take one too." she quips, pressing her forehead into the material of his scarf. 

She gripped the capture weapon firmly in her palms. She didn't want to let go, or let him leave. Deep down he didn't either. He knew that there was something eating at her, but if it was important then she would tell him or he would wait until she blurted it herself. 

(Name) felt tears coming, building up onto to baby waterfalls. She wasn't going to cry, then he would know. So she stayed pressed into his well built frame, breathing in his scent. Absorbing his warmth.

Shota presses a firm kiss to her head, loving the smell of her shampoo. He noticed she smelled like him, which means she used his body wash again. She claimed she only did that when she missed him. 

"Make sure to keep the door locked while I'm gone. Tell me about your appointment when I get back." he mumbled as he let her go. He felt a tug on his hand, and turned back to her. 

She gave him an innocent smile, a faint blush taking over her face. 

Shota sighed like it was a great inconvenience for him but in reality had wanted it too. He slowly pressed a kiss to her lips. A hum of pleasure left (Name) as she tugged on his shirt which caused him to pull away, she wouldn't make him late for work this time. 

A small pout on her lips made him frown out of annoyance. She had wrapped him in one last embrace, memorizing the linings of his muscles and the warmth of his skin until she pushed him back. He laid a hand on her cheek and left the room, making sure to lock each lock on the door after he exited. 

(Name) waited until she heard the front door close to heave her breakfast into the kitchen sink. She cringed in disgust when half of it went down the drain. 

She sighed to herself before going to lay down, a sudden ambush of fatigue washed over her. She had an hour until her appointment. 

Shota couldn't peg what was going on today. Usually he was already irritated because of Yamada questioning him before work over the phone. Everything looked the same as it did everyday on his way to work. Except that empty feeling in his stomach again, he wasn't sure if it was him being tired or his sore body. Or an entirely different feeling. Something was gonna happen today. 

**Okay! so this is only part 1! there will be many more parts to this so don't worry.Enjoy!**

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