"Lou and harry start the pancakes" I ordered and they walked into the kitchen

"Niall go over the guest list"

"Zayn you're on decoration duty"

"What are you going to do?" Zayn asked

"I am going to buy the perfect dress" I said smiling

"Ash I need you to tell me when daddy wakes up. Ok?" I said to her and she nodded and ran upstairs

I walked in the kitchen and they already had a couple pancakes done.

"Mommy daddy is awake" ash yelled

"Ok guys you ready?" I asked and they nodded

Liam and Ash walked down hand and hand

"Happy birthday" I said giving him a hug

"Thank you!" he said kissing me lightly on the lips

I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the table. In front of him were Pancakes, eggs, and bacon I was practically drooling.

"come here" he said patting his lap and I sat down. He started feeding me some eggs

"this is delicious" I said

"Thank you" Louis said and I threw some bacon at him and it landed on his head. I stared laughing and the next thing I knew Louis was spraying whipped cream on my head.

"Food fight!" Niall yelled spraying everyone with chocolate syrup. I grabbed the whipped cream from Louis and sprayed harry.

"My curls!" he cried and grabbed a pancake he threw it at me and it hit me right in the face.

"Where did Zayn go?" I asked and everybody froze and looked around I grabbed Liam and hid behind him then someone dumped water all over us. I turned around to see Zayn standing there

"I am going to kill you" I said running after him but Liam grabbed my arm.

"You need to shower" he pointed out

"No dip Sherlock "I said walking upstairs Liam following behind. I grabbed a towel and turned on the water and waited for it to heat up.

After my shower I got dressed and headed to the mall with Callie. After trying on a bunch of dresses I finally found the perfect one it was hot pink and came right above the knee and had a flower at the top. I got back home and hid the dress in the closet.

"Hey babe" Liam said pulling me onto the couch

"Hey" I said "you want to do something?" I asked

"Sure" he said and we headed out. We came to a pond where we sat on the bench and talked. We walked a little bit and then it was time to go. I put my dress on and added some nude colored heels. I put my hair in a side braid and did my makeup. I got to my car and drove to the club

"Your late "Louis said as I walked in

"Liam is going to be here soon is everything ready?" I asked

"Yeah" he said and I walked into the packed club.

The door opened and Liam walked in "surprise!" everyone yelled and I ran up to Liam

"You look beautiful" he said spinning me around

"Thank you" I said kissing his cheek

I had a few drinks and danced a little, Harry walked past me with some girl and I tapped him on the shoulder

"Where is Liam? "I asked and he shrugged

I walked off looking for him and I found Niall

"Nialler where is Liam?" I asked

"I don't know" he shouted over the music. I turned around and walked back over to the bar and that's when I saw him but he wasn't alone his lips were pressed to another girls.

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