One night stands

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I was working at the diner and Graham was there throwing darts. I walked over to him and handed him his whiskey that he ordered. He had thrown a dart right in the center. He was good at darts, he was good at anything outdoors really. Ruby came up and stood next to me.
‘’Good shot chief. I betcha 20 bucks you cant do it again’’ Sydney glass said from behind us. God I hate that guy. He worked for the newspaper. Anyone from the newspaper I hated. There's something stuck up about them. Graham took his shot and then set the glass back down on my tray. Graham gave me a look and I nodded at him. I knew he could make that shot again.  He never misses. He turned and lined his dart up and it hit the middle again. I smiled at him. He turned towards me and looked at Sydney.
‘’Next rounds on him’’Graham said
‘’K’’I said. Hes been a mess since the whole awkward thing with Emma finding out about Regina. Emma came out of the back and I gave her a smile.
‘’Emma, what can I get you?’’Ruby asked.
‘’Nothing’’Emma said looking at graham. She walked away and to the door. But Graham being Graham threw a dart right as she got to the door. The dart hit the room frame, almost hitting her.
‘’What the hell, you could have hit me’’Emma said looking at him. She was pissed and she had a right to be pissed. Graham started walking over to her.
‘’I never miss. You’ve been avoiding me since last night when you saw me-‘’
‘’Leaving the mayor. And , yes, that is a euphemism. Im not avoiding you, Graham. I just have no interest in having this conversation. It’s your life, and I really don’t care’’
She walked out of the door. I smirked a little. Graham looked towards me and I gestured for him to go after her and that’s exactly what he did. I turned to Ruby.
‘’What the hell was that about?’’Ruby asked. I walked over to the bar with her trailing behind me.
‘’Its really none of my business to tell. But lets just say there was a awkward thing that happened last night’’I said going behind the bar and putting my tray down.
‘’Like how awkward?’’ruby asked behind me.
‘’Like walking into the room where your brother and some girl are doing it, awkward’’I said leaning against the bar. She cringed slightly.
‘’Man that’s ruff’’
I laughed. Its really that kind of awkward. I look up to Graham like a brother.
‘’Yeah it is.’’
I took my apron off and I put it under the bar.
‘’Im going home. See you later’’I said walking over to the coat rack and I grabbed my coat before going outside. The reason Emma was here was to take me home. Now I have to walk. But whatever, I hope that Emma and Graham will work it out. They would be cute together.
I was sitting at the kitchen table the next morning, eating cereal. Emma came down the stairs and saw the flowers that were on the table. I came out here and they were just there. I knew they wernt fro me, i thought they were for Emma.
‘’Really?’’Emma asked walking over to the flowers and taking them off the table.
‘’Oh! Hey, Wait. What are you doing?’’Mary Margret asked coming out of her room/space. Emma threw the flowers into the garbage can.
‘’Someone doesn't like flowers’’I said taking a bite of my coco puffs.
‘’if Graham thinks flowers will work on me-‘’
‘’No, Those…were mine’’Mary Margret said.
‘’Oh, From David?’’Emma asked.
‘’No, Uh, Dr.Whale’’Mary Margret said walking over to the coach.
‘’Why would Dr.Whale-‘’
I looked at my sister and she was giving Emma the look. Oh god she slept with him! I almost spit out my cereal in surprise.
‘’Are you serious?’’Emma said.
Why is everyone sleeping with someone! Like first the whole Regina and Graham scandal and now this!
‘’I know it’s a disaster’’Mary Margret said
‘’No, that’s amazing. You’re getting over David’’Emma said
David had crushed her heart the other day, he got back with Kathryn.
‘’First of all, there’s nothing to get over, and second of all its just a one night stand’’
‘’It better be, Dr.Whale isn’t good enough for my dear sister’’I said
‘’Well, not according to those flowers’’Emma said, going to the fridge and getting the orange juice.
‘’Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have called him’’
‘’That is so not a one night stand!’’I said getting up and putting my bowl in the sink.
‘’Okay im still learning. I’ve never had  one before. I feel guilty’’
I rolled my eyes. Innocent little Mary Margret. I grabbed a glass and put it out for Emma to pour me some OJ.
‘’Why? There is nothing wrong with what you did. Trust me. One nighters are as far as I ever go’’
‘’Yeah, but that's because you’re’’
‘’Because im what?’’Emma asked. Oh god Mary Margret!
‘’Never mind’’
‘’No, tell me. What do I do?’’
Please don’t let this turn out into a fight or something.
‘’Your just protecting yourself with that wall you put up.’’
‘’Just because I don’t get emotional over men’’
‘’ You don't get emotional over men? Uh, the floral abuse tells a different story’’Mary Margret finished. Emma put the Oj back in the fridge before turning back to look at us.
‘’What story is that?’’
‘’Really Emma, you have feelings for Graham. Everyone can see it’’I said. She gave me a 'what the hell are you talking about' face
‘’Come on’’
‘’There's that wall’’Mary Margret said
‘’That’s not a wall!’’
‘’Really?’’Mary Margret said as the pulled the flowers from the garbage can and put them in a vase. I took a drink of my OJ.
‘’There’s nothing wrong with being cautious.’’
‘’True. but, Emma, that wall of yours. It may keep out pain, but it also may keep out love.’’
Why is she so good at advice! Mary Margret took the flowers and went to put them somewhere. I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower before school.

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