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Holland's POV
With my broken bone I managed to crawl towards where Daryl was

"Daryl  daryl, talk to me" I held his face  as he coughed blood

"He doesn't take time like this to heal, daryl you are gonna be okay, I promise" I hugged his head to my chest.

My mom coughed, oh yeah I forgot how am I gonna explain to my mom i am wolf.

I can just say "mom, I swallowed a hologram and everything  you just watched was a 3d movie without glasses.. then I can wait for her to slap me across the cheek.

"Mom" I crawled to her..

"Hol..ho..Holland, a.ar.are u what I saw just now?" She coughed

"Yes mother, yes mother" I sobbed as my tears dropped on her hair..

I was waiting for her to reply me but then she weakened out and closed her eyes..

Krischelle 's pov

I opened the door to Holland's house but it was empty and quiet

That I could hear the spider crawling around

"Holland,Holland, it's me kryschelle" I yelled as I made my way upstairs

"Holland " I opened her room door and saw a lady sitting on her bed with her hair falling to her face..

"Hello" I moved closer

She raised her head abruptly and I shifted back in fear.

She stood up quietly from the bed and made her way towards me

I began moving back slowly..

"I see power and fresh blood" she growled like an animal

I turned to run but my backpack got stuck to the handle of the door

I removed my hand from the back pack, but she held me and dug her nails into my flesh..

She began twisting my hands and I could  hear the bones creaking

"You will help me!!" She yelled

And slammed my head on the wall

And then black out.

Trish's pov

"I have seen me a new bait, I don't need this skin no more"

I came out of the body I possessed and entered Trish leaving the body to fall on the ground

"Now to help them" I smirked

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