Chäpter Føur

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Up there^^ is a petticoat for those of you who don't know what that is! Upper class ladies would wear it underneath their dresses.💓

Evangeline's P.O.V

I awoke to something incredible, something so warm that I felt it seep down into my bones. It spread across my skin and breathed energy into my chest, giving me just enough to open my eyes.

What I saw didn't surprise me.

My deep blue walls surrounded me and my large bay window lay imbedded in the wall, the sunlight filtering in and showering me with it's warmth.

I was laying on my canopy bed in just my petticoat, my dress seeming to have disappeared and my amulet lying un-bothered above my breasts.

I pushed myself slowly onto my elbows and looked around me, careful not to jerk my head too much.

I was the only one who was in here and my door appeared to be locked, the two bolts pushed to the left and into the silver clasp.

I let out a sigh of relief and flopped back down on my bed, my hair fanning around me.

I wished I could stay here. In this bed. My bed. Forever.

I wonder if anyone's job had actually been to sleep? I know I would thrive in such a task.

Unfortunately, I didn't have that opportunity.

With an aching chest, I pushed myself all the way up into a sitting position and ran my hands through my hair. When my left ring finger snagged on one of the  strands, I winced and pulled it back to gaze at my hand in shock.

A ring sat on my slim finger, the diamonds glittering mockingly up at me. The ring.

Everything came back and hit me with the force of a storm. Maybe even harder.

I was engaged. To that horrible man, Alexander.
I was to be wedded to him soon after my birthday, with or without my consent.

I would be trapped in a loveless marriage, with a horrid man. I would most likely be locked in his Chambers, only ever wanted when he needed pleasure or someone to clean his clothes.

Sudden anger filled me to the brim, and before I knew what I had done, I pulled the golden band from my finger and threw it across the room with all of my might.

It made a loud clinking noise as it collided with my wooden door, the diamonds making contact with the door knob.

My chest was heaving from such a simple task and I looked down to my hands in shock yet again. What had I just done? What was happening to me?

A lady should never throw things like a child or indulge herself in random fits of anger. I had just done both.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

I jumped from my sitting position, my right leg twisting painfully in the sheets. I pulled at the cloth with my fingers only to entangle and anger myself more.

Finally, filled with frustration, I gave it a sharp tug, and the next thing I knew, I was laying on the floor, my head spinning like a top.

Oh, gods above, bless me!

Instead of standing, I just lay on the floor, my arm thrown over my eyes. When had my life taken such a wild turn? It was Alexander's fault. I was positive.

Never once have I fallen from my bed before and never once have I passed out. But ever since he showed up I had done both of these things within one day.

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