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When Skye got into Jack's car, she reached for Kelsey and pulled the girl to her. Kelsey was trembling so hard Skye could see it, and she hoped that her arms around the girl would offer some comfort.

But Skye knew she wasn't much better. She could feel the cold quaking in the pit of her stomach. Soon she wouldn't be any better off than Kelsey.

Two of Jack's men said something to Reed and Spencer before bashing them again with the end of their rifles. Reed looked up as they walked away and caught Skye's eye, but Spencer didn't move.

Reed mouthed, "It is okay."

At least, that is what Skye thought he said, though she worried it was only what she hoped he said. She nodded her head more than once. She supposed a good leader would be telling them not to follow, to keep themselves safe, but she was too scared to be a good leader right now.

Right now she wanted out of this situation as fast as possible. She needed to believe that Reed and Spencer had some sort of plan.

The front doors of the car open and closed. Jack and one of this goons slid into the front seat. Jack sat in the passenger side slowly pulling his seat belt around him.

"Safety first!" he said as he threw a look back at Skye and Kelsey. "Make sure you buckle up. Your precious cargo."

Kelsey looked at Skye with a question in her eyes. As much as Skye wanted to ignore anything the man said, this wasn't the time for a stand. The last few moments had just proven that.

She nodded to Kelsey and pulled her own seatbelt around herself. As their car started to pull away, she saw Spencer raise his head and shake it.

The car remained quiet as they drove, and Skye was grateful she didn't have to listen to Jack's prattle. She was already stretched too thin, and that surely would have broken her. But she did watch every turn the driver took, tried to memorize every move. If she and Kelsey by some miracle got away from these men, she needed to know how to get home.

After a while, Jack threw a look back at her. "Have you been out and about lately?"

Skye ignored him.

"Come on," he said, "Can't you be civil? I asked you a simple question."

Skye turned her head to look out the window opposite of him.

"You know," Jack said, "I've been real nice to you so far. You're just sitting there, pretty as you please, on that seat. I could have hogtied you and thrown you in the trunk. But I've been neighborly."

"Neighborly?" Skye angrily said. "You call kidnapping neighborly?"

"Aww, finally! Well, I thought we already went over that. Do we need to again?"


"Fine then. Back to my original question, have you been out and about much lately?"

The answer surprised Skye. She hadn't really thought about it. But other than her unsuccessful jaunt up the road to try to get to her parents, she hadn't been any further out then the superstore since this had begun.

"No, I haven't been."

"Umm. It's gotten kinda rough out here. If you think I'm bad... Well, let's just say, most often I'm the good guy."

"Not in this scenario, you're not."

Jack barked out a laugh. "Kinda mouthy, aren't you? It's okay," he reassured Skye. "I like people with a little spark in 'em. Too many people are just walking around here like their already dead, and I'm not talking about the infected and Sick ones."

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