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taehyung had always thought he was the most peculiar human being.

how could someone be the way he was, live the way he lived.

at seventeen his body was littered with tattoos, and he was always found with either a cigarette or alchohol bottle around his lips and a girl around his arm.

you couldn't help but to look at him.

every guy wanted a taste of his lifestyle and every girl wanted a taste of his dick.

taehyung didn't know what he wanted, yet here he was looking at him and his friends smoke through a chain link fence.

taehyung gulped as his grip tightened on the thin ring of metal in his hand.

what am i doing?

the brunette looked down at the ground and shook his head.

i'll just do it. i've been curious for too long.

taehyung slowly let his hand drop from the fence, and with hesitant steps, made his way over to jeongguk.

as he approached he heard the group of friends howl with laughter and as he came closer heard it slowly die down.

he looked up from the ground and became instantly dizzy.

he felt like he could collapse at any second.

all of the boys slowly eyed him up and down, except for one.

jeon jeongguk was looking kim taehyung dead in his eyes.

the raven haired boy put the cigarette to his lips and took a long drag before letting his hand fall towards the ground.

he slowly pursed his lips and taehyung watched as smoke danced from them and disappeared.

taehyung gulped.

"are you gonna leave on your own or do i have to make you?" jeongguk said as a scowl came to his face.

taehyung slowly moved his head to make eye contact with him and clenched his fists.

it's okay taehyung. everything is fine. just say what you practiced and everything will be okay.

taehyung took a deep, shaky breath and opened his mouth.

"y-you know smoking k-kills right?"

damn it taehyung!

the guys surrounding jeongguk began to laugh and taehyung saw jeongguk smirk as he let out a snicker.

"yeah? well so does sadness. what's your name?" jeongguk asked, clearly amused.

"k-kim taehyung."

"well, k-kim taehyung, what are you doing here?"

taehyung played with the end of his sweatshirt as he thought of how to phrase these words without sounding like a creep.

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