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I woke up in a cold sweat. What a nightmare. I checked my chest. No blood. No hole. No pain. Thank God. I check my phone. 1 am. Oh my God. Percy killed everyone. What the fuck. My heart is racing, like bad. I get up to take a piss. When I used the potty I had to force my penis down, it was so hard from fright. I went back to bed after I finished pissing. I didn't open my eyes until 6 am.


"Hey, Annabeth, where's Percy," I ask Annabeth as I walk into the classroom.

"Why the fuck would I know, or care," Annabeth demanded.

"You called him to pick you up for God's sake," I replied hotly.

"If you're so fucking worried, fucking call him and fucking find out where he fucking lives," Annabeth screamed at me.

"Or you can just tell me," I mutter.

"UPPER EAST SIDE," Annabeth yells at the top of her lungs.

"Annabeth Chase! Principals office now," Mr.Blofis yelled.

"Good job, idiot," Annabeth muttered to me.

"Someone has an attitude," I mutter. Annabeth stormed off, throwing the door open, stomped through the door, and slammed it shut. One of the other kids snickered. Mr. Blofis glared at the kid.

"Leo, to answer your question, Percy's dealing with issues that came up yesterday," Mr. Blofis told me.


I walked out of the school with Mr. Blofis. "Could I swing by, maybe," I asked.

"Sure. Just hop in," Mr. Blofis told me as we got to his Prius. Mr. Blofis threw his school stuff in the back and motioned for me to get in the front. I squeezed in and threw my junk on the floorboard.

"How's Percy," I asked.

"Depressed. I'm scared of what could happen to him. I've seen cases about people who go on killing sprees while they're depressed," Mr. Blofis told me.


Groan. Boredom. I looked at the pistol we kept in the case on the wall. My dad's pistol. I opened the case and looked at the gun. So tempting. So sorry. The pain. I want it to end. I grabbed the gun and a load of ammo for it and walked to the garage. I hopped into my car and pulled out of the garage. I have to take my anger about the incident out on something. I have just the idea. I slammed on the gas and flew down the street. I randomly heard sirens. I looked in the mirror and saw a cop car behind me. I stopped at a stop sign and loaded the gun. The road was clear. I slammed on the gas, and the cop started chasing me, turning on his sirens. I rolled down my window. The cop pulled up next to me and yelled, "Pull over. Now!" I just sighed and looked at my gun.

"Sorry," I yelled to the cop and raised the gun. I aimed at his face, put my hand on the trigger, and fired. The gunshot rang everywhere. I smashed the gas pedal as I flew off, leaving the cop to bleed out, to die.

20 minutes later

I finally reached my destination. Annabeth's house. I walked up toward the door. I put the gun in my back pocket and pulled my short over it. I knocked on the door. A middle-aged woman stepped out. "Close the door," I requested. She obeyed. "Are you Helen," I asked. She nodded. "Get in the passenger seat," I ordered. She obeyed. I hopped in and drove down the road, and stopped by the side of the road. I pulled on black gloves and stepped out. I walked around and opened the passenger side door. Helen stepped out. I grabbed her and spun her around. "Satisfy me," I snarled.

"What do I do," she asked, terrified.

"Get in the back seat and strip, completely naked," I snarled. Helen got in the back seat. I heard the noise of her pulling off her shirt. I suddenly stepped in the car. "Wait," I muttered. She stopped. I reached over and unclipped her bra. I pulled down her pants and underwear. I pulled my pants and underwear down. I took my hard cock and stick it in her vagina. I pumped in and out. I pull out my member and grab her. I drag Helen and her clothes and throw everything in the ditch. I grabbed my gun and shot her in the heart. I pulled my clothes on and drove away, back to my apartment. Once I got back, I set the gun like it was, so nobody's would know it was moved. Same with the ammo.

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