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Chaeyoung and Dahyun were sitting on one of the table in cafetaria. It was lunch time but they had not eat anything. Instead, they were keeping their eyes around the canteen looking for a certain person.

"Dahyun-a. Don't you think we're being stupid here?" Chaeyoung scratched her not so itchy head looking at her bestfriend who kept her hawk eyes just like a gangster going to kill somebody. But, she looked cute instead of scary. Chaeyoung giggled staring at her.

"What do you mean by stupid?" Dahyun said and put her hand on her jacket pocket to get sausage from it. She opened it using her teeth without looking at it and still kept her eye to the canteen. Chaeyoung realized that the latter was on a difficulties in opening the sausage. Then, she grabbed the sausage from the pale skinned girl, and opened it for her.

"Here." Chaeyoung said shoving it to the girl's mouth.

"Oh, thank you." Dahyun replied and chewed on it roughly making Chaeyoung chuckled.

"Aigoo, my baby." Chaeyoung said pinching the older girl's cheek smiling. Then, a loud cheering of boys and girls could be heard from the entrace of the canteen. Dahyun hit Chaeyoung several times with her mouth full of sausage.

"She's here! She's here!" Dahyun said widening her eyes and gulping her whole sausage.

"I know I know, aish stop pushing me!" Chaeyoung said holding Dahyun's hands from pushing her.

Chaeyoung stood from the table and walked toward Mina who sit on the table near the vending machine already. She could hear her own breathing as this would be the first time Mina would recognize her. All voices that echoed the canteen changed into a melody of music. Bach? Chopin? Rachmaninoff? She wasn't sure which one. But the thing is, it is a beautiful melody that played in her ear. All her view was blinded by the beauty of Mina. All people inside started to change became flower and fruits. The melody kept ringing around her head. She nodded following the tempo of the melody. A smile can't fade from her face. This was the moment where she waited the most. Talked to Mina. Make Mina knew that she's existed. She took her deep breath and closed her eyes. Slowly, she opened her eyes while exhaling and saw Mina was 5 steps away only, making her doing a U-turn immediately and went back to her bestfriend.

"Oh my god, my heart. I can't do it." she started to run away while clutching on her chest. Dahyun who watched this got bewildered by her bestfriend's behavior.

"Oh? Chaeyoung-a! Where are you going!? Hey!" Dahyun widenjng her eyes and started to stood up from the table following her stupid bestfriend.

Dahyun arrived at the girl's toilet and found Chaeyoung squat down on the corner staring blankly at the air. "Hey, idiot." Dahyun huffed and sit on her knees following her bestfriend. "What should I do with you?" she scratched her not so itchy head.

"Dahyun-a. I just walked to her. She's really close. Dahyun-a! Oh my god!" Chaeyoung screamed while cupping her own cheek smiling. Now, she's jumping inside a toilet making a girl that just came out from one of the cubicle staring at her weirdly.

"I'm sorry. Hehe." Dahyun bowed 90 degrees to the girl representing her idiot bestfriend. Then she smacked the younger's back head.

"Idiot! You don't even talked to her! What makes you this happy, huh?!" Dahyun swap her hair to the back while sighing frustratedly.

"But, I can't get closer to her, Dahyun-a. Or I'm going to be crazy." Chaeyoung said cupping her own cheeks making an O shape with her mouth and stared at her reflection on the mirror.

Dahyun still don't understand her bestfriend's behavior. She kept nagging and nagging like a halmeoni lost their glasses. Chaeyoung ofcourse being nagged for this long can't just accept it. She countered Dahyun with another mocking and defending herself. Their commotion were being disturbed by a person coming to the toilet that make the two immediately shut their mouth up. It's Myoui Mina.

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