Sixteen: You lied

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"Just tell me already!" I say growing annoyed that they've just been staring at each other for the last five minutes and Sadie's been begging him not to make her do this.

"Do you want to know who I slept with at that summer party when I cheated on you?" Jacob seethes.

"Jacob please. Don't do this!" Sadie says.

"No she deserves to know" He says back.

"Deserves to know what?!" I cry out in confusion.

"Sadie, want to do the honours?" Jacob looks at her with a smirk.

She closes her eyes and a tear skips from her eyes. She looks up at me with a pained expression.

"Oh my god" I whisper putting my hand over my heart, feeling like it has just shattered into pieces.

I thought Jacob telling me that he had cheated on me hurt. But this, this hurts so much more.

I feel my throat clog up and my eyes burn with tears. "How could you?" I croak.

"I'm so sorry Millie. I'm so sorry!" She sobs walking towards me trying to grab my hand but I flinch back and step away from her. The pained expression on her face almost makes me want to hug her, but then I remember what she did.

"Did you know it was him?"

"Yes" she whispers shamefully.

"How could you?!" I yell. "You are supposed to be my best friend! You were the one that was there for me when I went through all this! You were the one that told me that you would punch the girl who Jacob cheated with and make her life hell! You let me believe that it was fucking Lilia who was the girl that he cheated with! You lied Sadie!"

"I'm sorry, it was never meant to happen. It was a mistake!" She sobs.

"No, you don't get to pull the mistake card on me." I say punting my finger at her and walking away from her. "You were supposed to be my best friend, but now. Now I can't even look at you." I say scoffing and looking at her in disgust.

"I'm sorry Mills, guess you really can't trust anyone, can you?" Jacobs annoying little ratty voice says.

"Don't call me that." I grumble out.

"What?" He asks confused.

"I said, don't fucking call me that, only Finn can."

"Ugh, your still with that frog?" He day unimpressed.

"Yes and hes ten times the man you will ever be. He doesn't threaten me for sex. He doesn't brag about my body and treat me like I'm an object or piece of fucking meat. He's a good guy, an amazing one." I say as I walk closer to him.

"You Jacob Saggitits will never amount to anything in your life. I hope that you will be ashamed of this when your older and that if your daughter - if you ever get married, I'll pray for the girl you end up marrying - ever meets a boy like you, you'll understand how disgusting and horrible you are. There aren't enough words to describe how much I hate you Jacob. Now don't ever come near me or anyone who I associate with ever again. Also go fuck yourself." I say as I flip him the bird whilst walking back to my car.

"Millie?" Sadie's voice says.

"You tell Caleb before I do. I'm not speaking to right now and I don't know if I ever will. You have betrayed me and lost all trust in our friendship. Maybe overtime I'll be able to stand you, but right now I don't even want to look or be near you. It's literally physically hurting me to look at you." I say before getting into the car and slamming the door, making her flinch.

I quickly roll down the window before I leave. "I understand you made a mistake Sadie, but this is a mistake I wouldn't even think of making. Also, I'm serious about the Caleb thing, if you don't tell him by the end of this week I will, and you know I won't hesitate to."

And I drive home, tears rolling down my face as I think about on how I just lost my best friend in the worst way possible. On how I will forever look at her differently. On how our whole relationship has changed so quickly.

But to know who I'm going home to helps me feel the tiniest bit better.

Who got a vibe that this was going to happen?

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