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Ever since past fifteen minutes on their way from the convenience store, the girl beside Taehyung didn't even say a word that made him felt uneasy. Is it because of the dream of hers or something really bad happened in the convenience store just now that he's unaware? He sighed.

Usually, she will never stop talking to Taehyung and asking him the same questions consistently despite getting ignored by him. But this time, she being silent and kept lowering her head as the clock just stop ticking.

Somehow he casually nudged her left arm, leading the girl to flinch and gave him a questionable look.

"Is something wrong happened?" he tried to be concern.

It took moments for her to realize that someone was talking to her. She immediately shook her head and slightly smiled, as if Taehyung didn't know she's hiding something behind those smile.

He desperately wants to know what's going inside her feelings, but he afraid if things will get worse so it's better to shut his mouth.

"Hey, let's get there!" he joyfully dragged Irene's wrist, slightly forgetting about how he used to be a cold person and ended up forcing himself to be vice versa in desire to cheer her up.

She forcefully followed wherever he took her, she tried to hold herself back but Taehyung was just too strong for her.

In the middle of the crowd, with sounds of kids' cheering, loud screams from the rollercoaster ride, everything was just unpredictable.

"Why are you taking me here?"

He shrugged, "To have fun."

"But we have to visit your grandmother—"

Not even a second before she could finished her words, he already shu-ed her, placing his index finger on his pouting lips.

"It's still early in the morning, well, almost afternoon I guess. Don't worry, we still have more times. Let's go." once again he took her wrist tighter, dragging her with him until they reached anywhere his eyes stuck on.

The Ghost Town.

He slightly smirked towards her. "This ain't even fun, Taehyung. This is shit. That's it, I'm not going to do this."

Irene was about to turn around but turned back real quick as Taehyung gripped her shoulders, lowkey forcing her to face him.

Without even realizing, he pouted like a crybaby in front of her that make Irene furrowed his left brow in disbelief, having a slight thought that he is not Kim Taehyung that she knew.

"Pleaseee, just for this time." he pleaded, bouncing on his feet, exactly like a whole bunch kid.

She parted his mouth, "Seriously?" she exhaled heavily in frustration and rolled her eyes, "Fine."

Irene placed her palm on his, unconsciously intertwined their fingers as he could see slight shiver through her petite figure. For the whole times, she's cussing to herself, pleading for God to end the shit at the same time.

Not even startled, he even enjoyed the experience of being in the ghost town for the first time. Irene's screams made the whole situations became more interesting.

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