Baby Sister

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The Baby Sister is a scary riddle from Japan. It is in the form of diary entries. See if you can figure out what is going on.

From the diary of a young boy:

Day 1 –
My mom is in the hospital because she is having a baby.
I wanted to cook something nice for her to eat.
My friend told me that cooking is for girls.

Day 2 –
Today I made a soup of meat and vegetables for my mom.
It was hard work but I did it with love.
I went to the hospital and gave it to my mom.
Mommy was very happy and told me I was a good boy.
I asked if the baby could eat the soup as well.
Mom said, "Yes, when she grows up."
I want my baby sister eat my soup.

Day 3 –
My mom left the hospital with my baby sister.
Her name is Kaori and she is very pretty.
I wanted to play with Kaori but my mom wouldn't let me.
She told me to go to my room.
I felt very sad.

Day 4 –
Today my Dad arrived home from work early.
I wanted to play with him, but he was playing with Kaori.
He told me to go to my room to play.
I felt very sad.

Day 5 –
Today, my grandparents came to visit.
I was very happy because my grandparents always play with me.
I asked my grandmother to read me a story, but she told me to go to my room.
My grandma and my grandpa and my mom and dad were cuddling Kaori.
They spent all their time with my baby sister.
My mom said, "Kaori is so beautiful, I just want to eat her up."
And my daddy said, "You're right. Me too."

Day 6 –
Today I made soup of meat and vegetables for my parents.
I cut the vegetables very well, but the meat was very hard to chop up into pieces.
After dinner, my parents went around the house calling out, "Kaori! Kaori! "
My parents were looking everywhere for my baby sister.
Have you seen Kaori? She is so beautiful that everyone just wants to eat her up.

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