How To Be Human

Chapter 1 : How To Get Fired

        “Vampires are real.”

        I swallowed as my eyes swept across the room. The eleven pairs of eyes all held different emotions. Some said that I was insane. Some wanted to hear more. Some held an angry tone for wasting their time. But I wasn’t looking for their appraisal; I was only looking for that eleventh pair of eyes. The one that mattered most to me. The one that wasn’t showing any emotion whatsoever.

        Slowly, I continued after taking a deep breath. “Vampires live among us, in our world. They blend in with us. It’s a small race, almost extinct. They live up to almost 300 years and they survive on blood. Any type will do. They’re very strong, much stronger than humans. They can move at high speeds, almost as fast as a cheetah. Some can read minds, and even - ”

        “Go back to Forks!”

        I stopped breathing and looked to the man that insulted me. I put on my best glare and continued, ignoring the many snickers that followed. “As I was saying, vampires are dangerous. Just one can wipe out an entire city, such as Los Angeles. If they take some of our blood, we will be fine, but if they just bite us, we will die in a matter of minutes. Vampires are a threat to our world. Killing them would result in war. But I’ve came up with a genius idea to keep our peace.”

        I use the clicker in my hand to turn on my PowerPoint. My eyes darted to the man that would make this a no or a go. Still, his dark eyes bore into me, no emotion. His hand was at his chin, stroking the little white hairs that held no color. “This is Formula Human, an antidote I have created after five years of studying. If you inject this into a vampire, the formula will attach it’s self to the cells and after a day, the vampire will no longer be a vampire. He would be a human. A normal, everyday human. We would not have to worry about vampires any more.”

        I allowed myself a smile after I finished my presentation. The looks I was getting did not affect me. The only one I cared about was the one at the opposite side of the long, narrow table. He was all the way down, just staring at me. Not even blinking. My smile wavered, and I turned off my PowerPoint.

        “How do we know if it even works?” A man on the left pointed out.

        “Yeah,” Another guy piped up, “We don’t have any vampires to test it out on.”

        “Hurry, let’s go find Edward Cullen!”

        I swallowed again. “Well, I’ve been studying for five years - ”

        “How old are you? Fifteen?”

        “I’ll have you know I am 23 years old - ”

        “That means you started studying when you were 18! You’re just a child!”

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