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Days passed like they used to, but Nicole's meeting with Spider-Man always stayed in her mind

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Days passed like they used to, but Nicole's meeting with Spider-Man always stayed in her mind. She owed him her life and she had to thank him for it.

That is, if she saw him again. Nicole trudged fo her locker to get out books for next class when saw Peter standing at his locker. He took out his books and shut the locker before slowly walking towards his next class, which they happened to share.

"Peter!" Nicole called to him, making him come to a stop. She stepped past the other students before coming to a stop beside him. "Hey!"

"H-hey," Peter stuttered. "How are you?"

"I'm good," She beamed at him, completely oblivious of the nervous look on her face. "Although I'm dreading the grade I'd be getting; I'm pretty sure I flunked this last test."

Peter released a nervous laugh. It was then Nicole noticed that he was continuously pulling his sleeve downwards, like he was hiding something on his arm. "You okay, Pete? Did you hurt your arm or something?"

Peter froze. There was definitely no way he could let her find out about his side job. Suddenly he heard Ned's voice calling both of them.

'Saved by Ned,' He thought to himself. There was no way he could have lied to Nicole; she pretty much knew everything about him, given that they had grown up together. "Hey, man."

"Did you guys here?" Ned was slightly breathless. "Apparently yesterday, Spider-Man stopped a bus with his hands. Isn't that amazing?"

"Dude," Nicole stated loudly. "That's awesome but I'm sure Iron Man could totally do that. Right?" She looked at Peter, who managed a nod.

"But he'd have to use his suit," Ned argued. "And Spider-Man stopped the bus with his bare hands."

Nicole released a frustrated sigh before she and Ned started arguing about Spider-Man and Iron Man and who was better. Peter released a sigh of relief as they walked towards their class. At least they wouldn't find out about the bruise on his hand now.

"So we are meeting tomorrow, right ?"

"Definitely," Luna replied. "We don't wanna loose this hackathon. I mean, the prize money itself could help us improve our club room."

"Yes," Nicole nodded as the two of them walked towards the exit of the school. The coding club meeting had gone slightly late and she and Luna had been the last ones to leave. "We can sneak in some practice of our own."

"Uh huh," Luna remarked as they stepped out of the gates of the school. A light breeze was blowing about but otherwise the weather was perfectly normal. "I'll text you tomorrow, 'kay?"

Nicole nodding. Saying goodbye, both of them turned in opposing directions; she towards her room and Luna towards hers. As she walked towards the subway station, she took out her earphones and plugged them in her phone before putting them. She hit shuffle on her playlist and hummed along as the strains of Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect' slowly played in her ear.

Once she finally got out from the subway station, she started walking down the shortest path that would take her room. It was probably a bad idea to use shortcuts again, especially remembering what had happened the last time she had used them. But Nicole simply wanted to sleep in her bed as soon as possible. And that is why she slipped through alleys and cut through streets.

Suddenly the music stopped playing and her phone rang. Picking up the call, she greeted a simple 'hello'.

"Hey sweetie," It was Norah and by the sound of her voice, it sounded like she was about to say something important. "I'm going to be late at work today; something important's come up."

"Aww okay," Nicole replied. "How long will you take?"

"Not too long, hopefully," Norah stated. "I'll probably be back by around nine."

"Okay, okay. So should I order some pizza then?"

"Yeah sure. There's money in my wardrobe, so take that. See you soon."

"You too," Nicole replied before cutting the call. Her music started playing again and she continued her walk while humming to the tunes of whatever song was playing.

And because Nicole was so engrossed in her music, she didn't pay any attention to strange mist that had slowly gathered in the streets in front of her. Nor did she notice how everyone seemed to have magically disappeared from the streets, leaving her the only person walking.

She didn't even notice how this strange mist was slowly gathering around her body. She didn't even realise she had inhaled some of it. But soon she would.

Once she finally reached her apartment, Nicole opened the door and stepped inside. She switched on the lights in the living room before she walked towards her room. As she stepped inside, she could feel her body swaying dazedly and her head suddenly becoming lightheaded.

Nicole gripped the door frame but even as she tried to walk towards her bed, her body crumpled to the ground and consciousness slipped away from her.

Moments passed and Nicole was still passed out on the ground, not waking up. Suddenly, her eyes snapped open and when they did, they were not of the same color. They were a deep blue, the color of the day sky. But Nicole didn't know that.

She slowly got up from the ground and tumbled towards her bed, her bag pack forgotten on the floor. As soon as she reached her bed, Nicole collapsed on it and passed out again.

Every thing was going to change for Nicole now. The world had just blessed her with something and that something would bring a major shift in her life.

In the gif, just pretended that she's swaying and is about to pass out. It was the only fitting gif I could find.
I may not have explained it, but what Nicole just went through is Terrigenesis, which brings out the powers of Inhumans. Majority of my OCs belong to this category because I feel they're relatively unexplored in fics.

I hope you liked this chapter. Let me know what you think!

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