I swallowed Balthazar's pounding shaft deeper than ever. I was really
surprised that I could take so much of it down my throat.I could feel his member start to pulse. Then it happened, he started to shoot his seed into my mouth, and it tasted great. He shot again, again, and AGAIN. Would this Angel ever stop surprising me? It must have been days since he jacked off last because of the amount of cream I was taking in. I was really enjoying it so much I hoped he wouldn't stop. I sucked and tongued and swallowed every blast of his sweet cream. I never wanted this to end, and I knew for sure that my hot, sexy, Angel didn't either.

Softly but firmly, Balthazar switch us around so he was kneeling infront of me, and he quickly filled his mouth with my eager cock.I squirmed in pleasure, moaning with delight.Balthazar continued sucking my cock, sucking it with a fierce desire.My breath came in gasps, and I arched my back as my Angel continued to devour my cock.

"Take me," Balthazar breathed. "Take me good".He spoke with so much lust in his words.

I, without further begging, lifted him and grab his legs and gently placed them on my shoulders. I paused, lining up my cock with his waiting hole. I looked up at his face, seeing the eagerness in his eyes.

"Do it,".He begged.

I smiled, and with one quick thrust, buried my cock in his hole. Balthazar convulsed, squealing in pleasure and pain, and I began pumping my cock in and out of Balthazar's hole in a slow, steady tempo. He gasped every time my cock invaded him, and he grasped his own cock, pumping it in time with my movement. I increased my speed, as did he with his own shaft. Pounding his hole, I leaned forward and passionately kissed him, our tongues dancing with the furious tempo.

"Oh God, baby," Balthazar squealed, "I am gonna cum!"

"Shoot it!". I panted, not slowing in my furious beat. "Shoot it over that chest of yours."

He squealed again. "I'm cumming!"

A thick stream of cream exploded from his cock, shooting over his own chest. At the sight of his seed, I gave one final thrust and exploded, filling my  Angel with my cream.

We lay there all sweaty and sticky,my arms around his waist while his head was laying on my chest.

''So what now?''.He murmur and i smile.

''Now,we get out of here and we start our lives together,does that sound good?''.I asked him and he chuckled.

''Well as long as you dont withheld sex from me,we shall be fine''.I tightnen my hold on him and lean down to kiss his forehead.

''What about Mary?''.He asked me in a whisper.

''She's happy to get a second chance at being with her kids,oh she might be getting together with Bobby,which reminds me we gotta go check since we dont know how Dean will react to that''.He got up so fast off the bed  but than wince at his lower pain.

''Damn i forgot your hung like a horse,if we dont careful youre going to end up breaking my ass''.He pointed it out and i smile.

''We'll just glue it back together after every use''.He narrow his eyes,but just shrugged it off and began to get dress.

''Wait,who's Bobby?'',I raised and eyebrow at his question and for a minute i thought he was playing dumb,but the look on his face told me other wise.

''He's the owner of this house,this room and all the junk out there''.I waved my hands all over the room to make my point and he nodded slowly.

''He's a man,damn i thought he was just big foot,sasquatch or just a loser with a dirty beard,huh looks can be deceiving''.I chuckled and finish getting dressed.

We bang on the doors and soon Castiel came down with a grim look on his face.

Balthazar punched him and than hug him.

''We are together,and next time you lock me up with youre boyfriend it'll be worse than a punch k''.He smile sickly sweet and i just grab his hand and walked up the stairs with Castiel behind us.

''No,what kind of dimension is this?,First dad is with that thing and now you and my mom Bobby''.Dean was talking and we as an me and Balthazar clear out throats.

Dean turn around and saw us and he just rolled his eyes than turn his attention back to Bobby who was looking annoyed.

''Like i care you two are here,my life is getting worse''.He groaned.

''Dean,stop you been at this for hours man,mom deserves to be happy and if her happiness is with Bobby than who are we to get in between''.Sam was more level headed than Dean he was just hot headed.

''Fine,whatever congratafreakinglations''.He said and grab Castiel and went upstairs.

''He'll come around,he's just pissed because he hasn't gotten lay yet''.We all made a disgusted noise,i for one did not want to imagine my son having sex.

''So did you guys work it out''.Sam and we both eagerly nodded.

''We are officially a couple, so you Sammy boy can call me DADDY''.He grinned and Sam just stared at him.

''My god you are as sarcastic as Dean''.Sam said after a while of staring at Balthazar.

''I can take insults,beatings and fuck even Hell but never,ever for the rest of your pathetic human life compare me to that thing,ok''.Balthazar spoke in a serious tone,but i saw a glint in his eyes that i never saw before when talking about Dean and thats when i knew that him and my son had come to an agreement a very silent and still insult each other agreement,a 'i still want to kill you' but i wont agreement.

And i was thankful fo that.

Because those are my sons,and that's my Angel!

The End!

Hope you enjoy it.

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