CEx's Never Stay in the Past

Chapter 57

Lisa P.o.v

Her Face started to click.

She was the girl from the video that Maddison had showed me that day. The video of her and Enrique fucking.

I looked back and forth from her to Enrique.

She was not his GIRLFRIEND because I know for fucking sure that I was. Where has she been this entire year ?

" She's my fucking ex. She's No one." Enrique growled and grabbed me close to him.

"Oh I'm Fucking No one ? Who this little bitch you putting on a show for ? You need to come back to London and take care of your fucking Son you fucking Bitch. You can't just move country and think you can start your life a new." She yelled dropping the bags she had in her hand.

A son ?

Enrique has a son ?

"Monica please get the fuck out my house with that shit. Stop trying to put your kid on me, I am not nor I never will be his father. If you don't leave my house now I will drag you out ! Maddison I will deal with you fucking later !" Enrique barked and I was a little scared to tell the truth.

He sounded and looked so enraged.

"You Little Sket ! Back away from my man you whore ! " Monica yelled charging for me.

Josh pulled her back so quick.

 I was ready to fuck that bitch up though.

"Go upstairs Love." Enrique said kissing my forehead and I looked up at him and shook my head.

"No." I said and he sighed.

" I only made three mistakes ! You can't forgive me for those stupid ass mistake Enrique !" Monica yelled from Josh grasps on her.

"I don't want to fuck up your birthday anymore then it already has been. Just go upstairs and wait for me please baby."  Enrique said and I sighed.

I didn't  want to leave him down here with her and Maddison. The girl had irritated me already and I was so close to throwing a chair at her face.

"Fuck Her BIRTHDAY ! Look at me Enrique." She shouted and Enrique took a deep breath and pushed me lightly towards the stairs to go to his room.

" You better go hide little bitch." She screamed and I turned to look at her.

"Bae, Please go upstairs. I got this. Maddison take your friend outside cause I'm bout to really fuck the both of you up if she's not gone in five minutes." Enrique said closing his eyes and taking a deep breath again.

"I got rid of the baby cause you had your issues and I had mine. Just cause you found out don't mean you should be this mad ! It was fucking Four years ago !" This girl yelled and  the look of rage past through his face as he turned around and charged for her and grabbed her by the neck.

I was shocked as hell.

"I was going through fucking shit ? Are you fucking kidding me ? You aborted my child then cheated then fucking got pregnant again and want to put another mans child on me ! You have to be fucking kidding me ! Then to top all this shit off I had to find all that out on my own while you tried to play the perfect little girlfriend ! All I ever did was try and love you !" He growled throwing her to the floor.

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