Episode Two

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Dance music thumped from inside the warehouse as Nico and Eli led us past a long line of students waiting outside

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Dance music thumped from inside the warehouse as Nico and Eli led us past a long line of students waiting outside. They posted the cover charge as fifteen dollars per person, but once the bouncers saw Nico, they waved us in free of charge.

"I'm with him," A petite blond ran to Eli's side, wrapping herself around him. Her two friends followed, but didn't approach Eli, and seemed very uncomfortable. "Hey, sexy. I knew I'd see you here tonight. You want company? I'm down for whatever. We could do what we did last time."

I curled my lip in disgust because I could only imagine what kind of intimacy happened between them in the past.

"Like I told you before. I'm not interested." Eli peeled the girl's hands off him and pushed her back. The way Eli brushed her aside made me feel sorry for her.

The blond folded her arms as her eyes narrowed on me. "This is her, isn't it?"

With my arms still crossed, I shook my head. "We barely know each other."

Eli examined me with a hard expression and gave the blond a nod. I flinched slightly as Eli slipped an arm around my waist. "Yep."

The blond eyed me angrily.

"Is the blond pixie with you or not?" A large bouncer asked.

"Not." Eli tugged me toward the curtain.

Jessica grabbed my arm, trying to keep up.

"Call me, Eli! I'll make it worth your while. Hey, no! Can't we just stay? We're already inside." The blond argued with the bouncers. "Nico! Don't leave us. We still need to talk."

"What the hell?" Nico chuckled at Eli. "You still haven't shaken that ho?"

Eli pointed toward a group of girls waving at Nico. "Don't start, Bro."

Nico grinned knowingly as he swept the thick black curtain to the side.

Neon lights of every color bounced off the walls and shimmered over sweaty bodies. In front of the DJ booth, the huge dance floor wasn't full yet, but it was most certainly getting there. Some people were grinding on one another while others were dancing in groups. The crew had created a makeshift bar along the far wall where a bunch of people stood, waiting on drinks.

Once Nico was spotted, students started ushering toward us.

"I need a drink," Jessica yelled in irritation as she pulled on my arm.

I tried following her, but Eli's hold tightened around my waist.

"Where are you going?" Eli's voice was in my ear. Yeah, the music was blasting, and I could hardly hear him, but the way his lips skimmed over my earlobe sent goosebumps all over my body.

I spun to face him as his hand settled on the small of my back.

"You're not my handler, Jackass. I don't answer to you. We'll find you later to take us back to the dorms. I refuse to be part of this illegal shit all night." I pointed at Nico as he conducted yet another transaction.

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